Brock Lesnar remains one of the most highly accomplished WWE Superstars of all time, which is why he had a say in who he wanted to work with. However, former WWE stars have now debunked one claim about Brock Lesnar refusing to work with Jinder Mahal.

On the November 7, 2017, edition of WWE SmackDown, AJ Styles ended Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship reign by defeating him and capturing the title. This unexpected turn altered the planned matchup for WWE Survivor Series, replacing the originally scheduled Brock Lesnar vs. Jinder Mahal bout with a new bout: Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles, as Survivor Series featured clashes between brand champions.

While speaking on The Wrestling Outlaws, Road Dogg previously claimed that Brock Lesnar did not want to work with Jinder Mahal at all. He further claimed that Lesnar refused to work with several WWE Superstars before that.

‘So yeah, Brock [Lesnar] said, ‘I’m not working with him [Jinder Mahal].’ He said that about several people by the way.”


In an interview with Steve Fall of, The Bollywood Boyz discussed the sudden change in Survivor Series plans. Reflecting on the shift from Jinder Mahal vs. AJ Styles to Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles, Sunil Singh emphasized their focus on representing India and inspiring kids who looked up to them.

”I remember when we were in Europe and we learned it was supposed to be Jinder vs. AJ, we didn’t ask that question. Just show up, do your thing, and see what happens. It was never, ‘Oh my God, why. What’s the storyline?’ Nah, we showed up and did our thing, simple as that. To hit a little deeper. We were representing India, where our parents come from and our background. For us, we were just happy there were so many kids at home in India or all over the country just looking up to the three of us. ‘These guys are giving up hope that we can all make it.”

Regarding Road Dogg’s claims, Sunil mentioned it was the first time they had heard about it, emphasizing their commitment to their performances during their European and South American tours following the change.

First time we’ve heard about it. We had two weeks of Europe to do after that and then go to South America. First time we’re hearing about that.”

Jinder Mahal is in line for the WWE World Heavyweight Title shot at WWE RAW tonight, so we will have to wait and see if he will be able to win the match in the end.

What’s your view on this Jinder Mahal story? Do you still feel Brock Lesnar refused to work with him? Sound off in the comments section below!

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