Ryan Nemeth, the brother of Dolph Ziggler (Nic Nemeth), expressed his excitement about working alongside his brother outside of WWE. Dolph Ziggler was released by WWE in September 2023 and became a free agent in December after his 90-day non-compete clause expired. His first post-WWE appearance occurred at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 18 when he entered the Tokyo Dome alongside his brother Ryan.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Ryan Nemeth shared his enthusiasm for the opportunity to work with his brother and explore new creative ventures together. He mentioned their collaboration on comedy shows and their recent project, “Wanted Man,” which received a positive response, garnering millions of views on social platforms and even catching the attention of horror websites.

Ryan emphasized the benefits of leaving WWE to reinvent oneself and explore different creative avenues. He expressed excitement about the prospect of wrestling alongside his brother, participating in events together, and continuing to create new content. The Nemeth brothers are clearly looking forward to this new chapter in their careers, with Ryan concluding with “Nemeth Bros forever, baby.”

“I’m very excited about it. I just had the flashback of, when that kind of question is asked to someone, and they say, ‘Well, you’ll have to wait and see.’ I can’t do that. I can’t wait. Is there something or isn’t there? I’ve been telling him to leave WWE for like over a decade now. I think it’s always great to leave and reinvent yourself or leave and just do something else. “


“I’m psyched to tag with him, I’m psyched to do more comedy shows with him. We just shot Wanted Man, which is incredible and getting a huge positive response to launch his new character. We have 3 million views on social platforms. I’m so psyched about the positive response. Some horror websites are doing write ups on it. That kind of stuff is what I’m psyched about and you can’t do that kind of stuff when one of you is trapped in a very intense WWE schedule. I’m very excited to start wrestling with him, doing events with him, and shooting more stuff. Nemeth Bros forever, baby.”

Nic Nemeth is scheduled to make his NJPW debut at NJPW New Beginning In Sapporo, where he will face David Finlay. The wrestling world eagerly anticipates what the future holds for the Nemeth brothers outside of WWE.

How do you think the Nemeth brothers’ partnership will impact the wrestling landscape, and what kind of creative projects or wrestling opportunities are you looking forward to seeing them pursue together in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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