The pro wrestling world has seen many people outed for different instances. Now, we have an instance of grooming, but the proper steps are being taken to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Sarah Rose, a non-binary individual using they/them pronouns, is known in the wrestling community as Stepstool Sarah. Their involvement in the independent scene spans several years, primarily as a ring announcer and photographer. Now, it appears their days in the business are at risk in a big way.

Approximately three weeks ago, concerns were raised within Saint Louis Anarchy (SLA) after a wrestler reported that Rose, who is in their early 30s, had been engaging in inappropriate interactions with his younger brother, who is currently a high school senior.

An anonymous interview with the concerned SLA wrestler revealed instances of inappropriate behavior on Rose’s behalf towards his brother at SLA events and other locations. Examples included intrusive remarks when the brother adjusted his shorts, and instances of Rose being publicly mean, while privately exhibiting manipulative behavior.


Two days after the brother turned eighteen, Rose initiated inappropriate text messages, which the wrestler found concerning. Despite the wrestler’s confrontation, Rose remained unapologetic, attributing their actions to autism, a justification that offended the wrestler.

The wrestler presented evidence to SLA owner Matt Jackson, prompting a review of text exchanges and a conversation with the wrestler’s brother. Following the assessment, Jackson decided to sever ties with Rose for violating the company’s code of conduct.

It was then revealed that Rose had previously worked for SLA but had been separated due to past social media messages containing offensive language. Despite being allowed back for photography work, Rose faced a similar outcome.

Other promotions, including Zero1, NAP, and Black Label Pro, have also terminated their associations with Rose. In response to the situation, Nick Hausman of Haus of Wrestling reported that Rose expressed a desire for help and requested to be left alone.

We will keep our eye on this story for any future updates. It seems that we have another person in the pro wrestling world who is now out, because they made some terrible decisions along the way that did not provide the safest environment possible.

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Felix Upton

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