JD McDonagh has been facing unexpected challenges within the Judgment Day group, primarily stemming from R-Truth’s persistent claims of being a member, much to McDonagh’s frustration and the amusement of some of his stablemates. Now, even WWE’s action figure department has joined in on the comedic exchange.

Ringside Collectibles initiated playful discussion with fans on social media, suggesting the creation of a Judgment Day action figure set from Mattel, featuring members Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and humorously including R-Truth in JD McDonagh’s place. McDonagh swiftly responded, urging Ringside Collectibles to prioritize making an action figure of himself and cease making “stupid jokes online.”

“Hey, here’s a neat idea @RingsideC. How about you guys get the finger out and finally make a figure for me so every member of Judgment Day has one, instead of cracking stupid jokes online?”

McDonagh’s response garnered attention, including a supportive GIF from his stablemate Rhea Ripley, who jokingly suggested that someone was in trouble. However, the WWE Raw broadcaster, USA Network, joined the fun, echoing a similar humorous sentiment as R-Truth, by stating that McDonagh wasn’t part of Judgment Day.


McDonagh’s frustration has likely intensified due to his recent string of defeats, with R-Truth getting the upper hand in multiple encounters. This includes a singles loss to R-Truth on December 18 and a tag team loss alongside Dominik Mysterio against R-Truth and The Miz on January 1. McDonagh’s struggles continued as he suffered another singles defeat, this time to The Miz, on a recent episode of Raw.

What do you think of the humorous exchange between JD McDonagh, Ringside Collectibles, and USA Network regarding the Judgment Day stable and action figures? Let us know in the comments.

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