When CM Punk made his much-anticipated return to WWE Raw on the December 11 episode, he was met with an immediate challenge from Seth Rollins. Rollins wasted no time in asserting that WWE was not Punk’s true home and that Punk had spent a decade trying to undermine the company. He eagerly looked forward to the prospect of outperforming Punk in the ring and proving himself as the best in the world.

During an interview with Jackie Redmond on Jackie’s NHL Show, Punk was asked to delve into why he believed Seth Rollins harbored such strong feelings of animosity towards him.

Punk pondered the question for a moment before responding, “Hmm, well, I think it’s because I’ve walked a similar path to his, but I’ve also walked paths he hasn’t ventured into. We’re probably too similar, honestly; that’s the biggest factor. We share a lot in common. However, the key difference is that I can discuss my career without needing to bring him into the conversation, whereas he often can’t discuss his own journey without referencing me.” Punk remarked.

Punk continued, “I get where he’s coming from, I truly do. I think he’s always felt like the younger sibling in this rivalry. I’ve never consciously treated him as such; I’ve always viewed him as a peer. But sometimes, certain people are just unattainable, and he seems to hold that resentment. He genuinely dislikes me. It’s akin to the rivalry between the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings.”


The reference to the Colorado Avalanche and Red Wings harkens back to the intense blood feud that characterized their battles in the 90s and early 2000s.

What are your thoughts on CM Punk’s insights into his rivalry with Seth Rollins? Do you think their shared history and similarities have fueled the animosity between them, or are there other factors at play? Share your perspective on the dynamics of this rivalry and how it has played out in WWE

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