AEW is known for their bloodbaths. There have been episodes of Dynamite where multiple wrestlers bled during the two-hour show. That was quite notable, and some fans may have decided that they don’t want to see so much crimson in their matches.

WWE is in the midst of booming period in the company’s history. So, any part of their formula is worth replicating. One thing that WWE doesn’t do is intentionally feature blood in their matches, although it has happened on accident couple of times in recent memory.

Road Dogg opened up about blood in AEW matches during his Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast. During that little piece of the conversation, the WWE Hall of Famer said that blood isn’t needed in matches, because it happens enough on accident in the first place.

“I say don’t go back to doing it. We’ve evolved beyond that… Man, it’s so unclean; it can’t be any more unclean than just blood. There’s enough accidents that happen where I just don’t feel like it’s needed… If I’m a father of daughters, and we’re watching wrestling, and that comes on, we’re turning the channel. And if I’m a father of boys, I’m maybe turning it, too.”


Road Dogg also proposed the idea that AEW isn’t doing very well in viewership numbers because they feature more blood. He said the general public doesn’t like seeing that kind of graphic violence, and if Tony Khan wants to be consumed by the masses, then he needs to offer something that will be more family friendly.

“There’s a reason the other place [AEW] ain’t doing no numbers. They show this kinda stuff, and they do that kinda stuff, and it can’t be ‘popular’ for the mass population… If you wanna do big business, you want mass consumption, so you sacrifice a few things. And I feel like that’s one of the things you sacrifice.”

Road Dogg has a lot of experience in the pro wrestling business. He was once a creative lead on SmackDown, and he is currently Senior Vice President of Live Events, as he replaced Jeff Jarrett when Triple H took over.

We will keep an eye on AEW television to see if Tony Khan nixes the blood. The land of All Elite has been filled with bloodshed, but it might not be too late to rope in the mass population with the kind of pro wrestling, filled with captivating characters and storylines, that they want to see instead of pro wrestling bloodbaths.

What’s your take on AEW’s blood on television? Should they use blood less? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Felix Upton

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