The Rock’s return to WWE at the Day 1 episode of the show brought a ton of attention to WWE, and what the Great One was up to. His final words, where he suggested that he sit at the head of the table, were also noticed in a big way. Now, one famous face from their family has picked sides.

This development with The Rock has seemingly caused a division within the Anoa’i Family, with members taking sides between the current Tribal Chief and the iconic Hollywood star.

Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa are aligning with Reigns, while Jey might lean towards supporting The Rock, although Jey is busy Yeeting it up on RAW. Rikishi, the Usos’ father, has also indicated a clear stance between his two cousins.

It appears that Rikishi is supporting Roman Reigns, and he made that pretty clear on social media. The WWE Hall of Famer dropped a post on X that gave fans a big clue that he is going to side with Roman Reigns over The Rock.


This message was made evident from Rikishi’s tweet featuring a video of The Rock instructing the WWE Hall of Famer to stay out of his life, accompanied by a blood emoji in the caption. Although this incident dates back to a 2000 storyline, it seems the former Intercontinental Champion has not forgotten about it.

We will keep our eye on this story, because Rikishi may have a bone to pick with The Rock. He might have done it for The Rock back in the day, but it seems that he is siding with Roman Reigns in this instance.

What’s your take on Rikishi siding with Roman Reigns over The Rock? Which one do you think you would side with in this instance? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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