TNA Wrestling is coming back, and that makes fans think of an era of the past. Although the company’s roster looks much different now, there was a time when it was full of huge names, including Eric Bischoff.

TNA Wrestling is unveiling new title belt designs now, as they have rebranded themselves back to their former company’s name. Although Eric Bischoff was a part of the company’s history, he will not be a part of this new chapter. He apparently didn’t even want to be a part of the chapter he was.

During Q&A on 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff brought attention back to his days in TNA Wrestling. He made it clear that it was Dixie Carter, not himself, who brought in so many former WWE Superstars to the company.

“I used to tell Dixie Carter all the time when she wanted to bring in big names — and I get busted for that — ‘Look at all the WWE guys you brought into TNA’ — I didn’t bring them in! I didn’t even bring me in, I didn’t even want the job! That was Dixie Carter who brought in Sting, Mick Foley, and Kurt Angle and Christian Cage and so many others before I ever got there.”


Eric Bischoff wanted to distance himself from that TNA Wrestling era, as they brought in so many former WWE Superstars. It worked for a period of time, and certainly gave them a place to perform for years, but Easy E has nothing to do with it.

We will have to see how TNA Wrestling does as they experience a re-birth of their former brand. If anything, it has certainly raked up a ton of excitement as nostalgic fans are breaking out their TNA Wrestling gear.

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