AEW has a lot of room to grow at this point, because there is no metric that they can measure success, according to Eric Bischoff. The former WCW head has not been shy about deconstructing AEW around every turn, and there is a reason for that.

Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff were once on good terms. Bischoff even appeared on AEW television a couple of times. That is not happening again any time soon.

During recent Q&A on 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff broke down how Tony Khan stated that “AEW isnt going to make the same mistakes as WCW did.” He had a lot to say about the subject as Easy E tore into TK.

“That comment offended me a bit, like why would he say that? What pissed me off, and largely is responsible for me losing respect for Tony, that’s why I started being honest with my critiques, I kept my mouth shut, until I lost respect for him, and then I got no reason to keep my mouth shut — it’s just the way my mind works, it’s just the way I am, mucker futher.”


“But when Tony Khan said, ‘If Ted Turner knew 1% of what I knew about pro wrestling, maybe WCW woudl still be around.’ That comment was so disresctful, f*cking stupid, because Tony didn’t have any idea what happened to WCW inside Turner. The only thing Tony Khan knows about WCW is what he read in dirt sheets.”

“For that punk ass to come out and take a shot at Turner while his ass has a show on Turner Broadcasting was so disrespectful to Ted that I lost all respect for him. Once I lose respect for somebody, I’m not as inhibited about my opinion.”

Eric Bischoff is not a huge fan of AEW, but it seems that he has always had critiques. He just held those back until he lost all respect for Tony Khan. After hearing what TK said about Ted Turner, that is all it took.

We will have to see what Eric Bischoff says about AEW next, because Tony Khan has plenty of money left. AEW isn’t going to stop, even if they continue ignoring advice to not re-create past pro wrestling mistakes.

What’s your take on what Eric Bischoff had to say about Tony Khan? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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