The Undertaker experienced a ton of things in the decades he’s been in the pro wrestling business. The Deadman’s opinion is also sought after, because he is a veteran with worlds of knowledge. Now, The Phenom is weighing in on a popular pro wrestling question.

The Undertaker shared a new video on his Six Feet Under podcast, where he talked about his Mount Rushmore of wrestling talkers, excluding managers.

The discussion revolves around personal opinions, as individuals may have different answers when listing their top 4 all-time wrestlers. In this context, the focus is on the top four talkers in the history of the wrestling business. The Undertaker acknowledged from the start that he’s uncertain if he got the list right, recognizing that some people might consider his choices surprising or even disagreeable.

The Undertaker started off his list of pro wrestling greats by naming The Enforcer Arn Anderson. The Deadman had great things to say about the 4 Horsemen member as well.


“Coming in at number 4, my dark horse, Double A, Arn Anderson. Arn had that unique ability to make you feel what it was he was gonna do in the match. Such an eloquent talker. He never stumbled on his words. He had a thought, and he relayed it in a way that made you believe that everything he said was gonna happen. It was phenomenal. Absolutely one of the best ever.”

The Undertaker also named The Rock as someone he would put on that list. He made tons of memories with Dwayne Johnson in the ring, times that The Undertaker remembers fondly.

“Coming in at number 3, ‘If you smell what The Rock is cooking.’ Look, I don’t care whose list you put who on. If you don’t have The Rock on your top 4, you’re crazy. The things he came up with, the ingenuity, such an entertaining guy. Like him or hate him, doesn’t really matter. When it came to work on the stick, he’s on my Mount Rushmore.”

Ric Flair is on a number of people’s pro wrestling Mount Rushmore. The Undertaker couldn’t leave The Nature Boy off his list, either.

“Again, I’m gonna go back to the past a little bit…..Number two. I got the ‘Nature Boy,’ Ric Flair. He’s still cutting them promos today all these years, the styling and the profiling, rocking the alligator shoes, doing it like only he can do, riding space mountain. He’s got more catchphrases than Tom Brady has Super Bowl rings. ‘The Nature Boy,’ he could flat put it out there, and he could get wound up. And the more wound up he got, the more engrossed you would get in his promo. Incredible promo work.”

The Undertaker also named The American Dream Dusty Rhodes on his top list of pro wrestling greats. He had nothing but nice things to say about the Son of a Plumber.

“Number one on my mic work. The working man, he’s wined and dined with kings and queens and ate pork and beans. I mean, the son of a plumber, if you will. My God, the man was a master on the mic. Just a true American icon. ‘The American Dream.’ That’s right, Texas’ own The American Dream Dusty Rhodes baby.”

“Now, remember, though, this was only the wrestler’s edition, managers were excluded. And look for any of the boys that are watching this that think that you were good on the mic and I didn’t mention your name. Don’t send me shade my way. It’s all to work. Get over yourself.”

Pro wrestling fans love talking about lists, so The Undertaker’s Mount Rushmore could generate a considerable amount of attention within the pro wrestling community. We will have to see who wants to write their own list later on, but those are Taker’s picks.

What’s your take on The Undertaker’s Mount Rushmore picks? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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