Booker T and Ahmed Johnson’s ongoing feud has continued to escalate, and Booker T recently addressed the situation in a podcast appearance.

The tension between Booker T and Ahmed Johnson began when Booker T reportedly ignored Johnson at an airport, sparking a series of confrontations and heated exchanges. Booker T labeled Johnson as a “notorious liar” and a “lowdown piece of you-know-what” during their exchanges.

Ahmed Johnson had previously challenged Booker T to a debate, but Booker T responded by questioning what they could possibly debate about, given Booker T’s accomplishments in both his professional career and life. He emphasized that there was nothing to debate and mentioned that he had achieved more than Johnson ever would.

“What can he debate me on? I’ve achieved more in my professional career and my life than Ahmed, than Tony Norris will ever achieve in his life. You’ve read my book, ‘From Prison to Promise.’ You read my book and it tells you my whole story and for me to end up where I ended up and landed on my feet, it’s amazing. It’s amazing, all through hard work and determination and just believing in myself, you know, but someone like Tony Norris, we have nothing to debate about, as well as, I think I read that he challenged me to a fight. I do want to address that because I ain’t running and I ain’t hiding or anything like that. I think he invited me to his dojo to fight me, which we’re gonna go over here in a few seconds and you clean it up, but he said he invited me to his dojo. I can say this. “


Booker T also addressed the challenge Johnson made to fight him in his dojo. While Booker T stated that he wasn’t running or hiding, he mentioned that he wouldn’t engage in combat at his age, but if they came face-to-face, “it’s on.” He clarified that he wouldn’t sue Johnson if a physical altercation were to occur.

“I’m not going to sue Tony Norris if he was to run up on me and hit me or do something like that. I’m not going to sue. If Ahmed Johnson sees me and I see him and it’s on, it’s on. Alright. I’m just gonna say that, but I’m not going to go somewhere and engage in, you know, combat (he laughs) because that’s just not something I do at this age. It’s just not appropriate, but there again, I’m not running and I ain’t hiding or anything like that, but there is no debate. Tony Norris is nothing more than a lowdown, notorious, lying, piece of you know what. That’s all I’m going to say on that. That’s all I’m going to say. You know what? I got one more thing to say.

Booker T expressed his frustration with Johnson’s claims and said that Johnson needed to check himself and get his facts straight. He highlighted that Johnson had made statements about trying to sabotage Booker T’s career in WCW, which were not accurate.

You gotta clean this up. You gotta clean this up because Ahmed Johnson said he wants to know where all this stuff started from. He said I started it with him. Ahmed Johnson actually went on record and said that he tried to sabotage my career in WCW in a match. This is something that he said on record and he doesn’t know where this started from. So Ahmed Johnson needs to check himself, you know, and get his records right. Maybe he doesn’t remember this stuff. Maybe he’s getting old. I tell my wife to check me when I don’t remember stuff. Check yourself, man.”

It appears that the feud between Booker T and Ahmed Johnson is far from over, and it’s unlikely that they will reconcile anytime soon.

What do you think of what Booker T had to say? Do you feel they will ever bury the hatchet? Let us know in the comments section below!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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