Jim Ross was once featured all over AEW programming, but in recent memory, he has not been able to sit behind the commentary booth for an extended period of time. Although Jim Ross has experienced some health setbacks over the past year, he is still doing everything he can to continue with AEW.

Jim Ross reappeared on the December 20th episode of AEW Dynamite, which happened to be in his home state of Oklahoma. His return marked the end of a hiatus he took in November to address health concerns.

On the latest episode of Grilling JR, Ross provided an update on his condition. Jim Ross provided a health update in his latest communication. His doctors are being very cautious about his return to work, and there is a lot of road to cover as well.

“It’s pretty good. I got an MRI yesterday. They had to make sure that nothing was wrong with the bone in my tibia, where that radiation issue is located. Haven’t got the results to that back yet. I had it done yesterday. So sooner or later, we’ll get the results of that. Don’t feel like there’s anything to be worried about. My doctor just wants to be more cautious than not. The wound is healing, but as long as this blood sugar issue is prominent, it’s gonna be hard to heal. I wish we could have known that a year ago. But in any event, it is what it is, and I’ll just make it work. That’s always been my mantra, to overcome adversity. So it’s all good. The wound is still there, still hurts. But I’ve kind of gotten adjusted to it, in a way. It sounds morbid as hell, but it’s what it is. You gotta keep fighting. So I’m gonna keep fighting, and then get past this thing.


“I had a great time in Oklahoma. Tony Khan let me sit in on a match [with the] announcers. It was kinda cool. Fans were seemingly happy to see me, which made me feel great. So it’s all good. It’s just a matter of continuing to battle, stay positive, and get to the finish line. That’s where we are now. We’re en route to the finish line. We’re not there yet, but we’re closer than we’ve ever been. Therefore, I don’t know exactly when I’m coming back on the air. Sooner than later, hopefully.”

Jim Ross is not hanging up his legendary cowboy hat any time soon. He seems to be in good spirits as he continues appearing for Tony Khan as he’s needed, and hopefully, the finish line for this string of terrible health issues is in sight.

We’re sending out our best to Jim Ross from everyone here at Ringside News. We can only hope that he is able to get over these physical setbacks and get back to 100% as he kicks off 2024.

What’s your take on how AEW is using Jim Ross? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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