Nic Nemeth, renowned in the wrestling world as Dolph Ziggler, along with his brother Ryan Nemeth, orchestrated a jaw-dropping debut in the realm of New Japan Pro Wrestling at the illustrious Wrestle Kingdom 18 event.

Their surprise entrance not only left the audience astounded but also sent shockwaves through the locker room backstage.

Just before the Winner Take All IWGP & NJPW Strong Tag Team Title Match took center stage at Wrestle Kingdom 18, the enigmatic Nemeth brothers, Nic and Ryan, made a conspicuous appearance, gracefully navigating their way to ringside, securing front-row seats to witness the colossal showdown.

As reported by, inside sources unveiled the remarkable revelation that Nic Nemeth’s unannounced arrival backstage was met with as much astonishment by the wrestling fraternity as it was by the fans.


One insider remarked, “Where on earth was he concealing himself?” while another source added, “I never caught a glimpse of him or any inkling of his presence until he stepped into the spotlight.”

As the wrestling world buzzes with curiosity surrounding the Nemeth brothers’ sudden debut in NJPW, Ringside News remain committed to providing updates on their future plans for the promotion in the aftermath of their remarkable Wrestle Kingdom 18 debut.

Stay tuned to Ringside News for further developments in this captivating chapter of their wrestling journey.

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