Jade Cargill, the WWE’s newest signing, continues to generate excitement among fans who eagerly await her in-ring debut. The company has big plans for her, demonstrating their high regard, but her debut has been repeatedly delayed. While she remains absent from WWE television, Cargill recently made an appearance on an episode of ‘Superchef Grudge Match’ on the Food Network.

Cargill’s WWE debut took place at the Fastlane Premium Live Event. Despite making consecutive appearances on Monday Night RAW, NXT, and Friday Night SmackDown, the former AEW star has yet to step into the ring for a wrestling match.

Although her training at the WWE Performance Center has been disclosed, there is still no official confirmation regarding her televised WWE in-ring debut. Cargill is eagerly anticipating her return to WWE television.

During her absence from WWE, Jade Cargill appeared on the January 2nd episode of ‘Superchef Grudge Match’ on the Food Network. In the second match of the show, Antonio Lofaso faced off against Brian Malakey. Despite Antonio’s injured fingers, the two chefs engaged in a heated dispute over a previous cooking competition on Guy Fieri’s show, where Brian emerged victorious despite the judges favoring Antonio’s food.


The winner of the match would receive a prize of $10,000, while the losing chef would have to surrender their coveted chef knife. Interestingly, before the competition began, Brian accidentally injured his own hand with a pan and had it taped up, mirroring Antonio’s “broken” hand.

The show’s host announced that both contestants would be recreating the same dish they had previously cooked on Guy Fieri’s show. This announcement was made before introducing Jade Cargill and Willow Nightingale, both of whom were recognized as AEW stars. Willow was paired with Chef Antonio, while Jade was paired with Brian Malakey.

The broadcast also featured a replay of the AEW Dynamite match between Willow and Jade. In the kitchen, Antonio and Willow prepared a Surf ‘n’ Turf dish, while Brian and Jade prepared a Cheeseball Crusted Pork Chop served over Kale with Corn Relish, Citrus Hollandaise, and Cheese Ball Calabrian Chili Oil.

After careful deliberation by the judges, it was determined that Chef Antonio and Willow’s dishes had won the competition.

It’s worth noting that Jade Cargill also faced the loss of her mother last year, which has been a significant factor in her delayed in-ring debut. Fans will have to wait and see when she finally makes her wrestling debut, with the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event scheduled for January 27th.

What do you think of this Jade Cargill appearance? Do you feel she will make her WWE in-ring debut at the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event this month? Let us know in the comments section below!

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