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WWE NXT New Year’s Evil (1/2/2024) Lineup:

  • WWE NXT Title: Ilja Dragunov (c) vs. Trick Williams
  • WWE NXT Women’s Title: Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Blair Davenport
  • Men’s Breakout Tournament Final: Riley Osborne vs. Oba Femi
  • Joaquin Wilde, Cruz Del Toro and Mystery Partner vs. No Quarter Catch Club
  • Arianna Grace vs. Roxanne Perez
  • Ridge Holland will speak on hurting Ilja Dragunov

WWE NXT New Year’s Evil (1/2/2024) Results:

Booker T and Vic Joseph will be your commentators for WWE NXT, and the show begins with a video recap from the previous week’s episode.

Blair Davenport vs, Lyra Valkyria for the NXT Women’s Championship

They engage in a lockup, and Blair executes a clean break before taking a swing at Lyra. They lock up once more, with Lyra applying a wrist lock. Blair blocks a hip toss attempt and transitions into a front face lock. Lyra retaliates with an arm wringer and front face lock of her own, skillfully landing on her feet after a snap mare. Lyra follows up with a hip toss, transitioning into a side headlock. She turns it into a cravate, but Blair fights back with a punch and a kick to break free.


Blair whips Lyra into the ropes, and Lyra floats over, attempting a sunset flip, but Blair blocks it and counters with a backslide. Lyra manages to block the backslide and executes a cravate takedown. Blair backs Lyra into the turnbuckles to escape, and as Blair is sent to the apron, she drops Lyra against the top rope. Blair then delivers a double stomp to Lyra’s back for a near fall, followed by a kick to the head and a neck breaker.

Blair transitions into a reverse chin lock that turns into a sleeper hold. Lyra finally escapes by getting Blair on her back and hitting a backpack stunner. Lyra follows up with punches and kicks, including clotheslines and a cross body. She adds head butts to the midsection and finishes with an enzuigiri. Lyra climbs the turnbuckle, but her cross body attempt misses when Blair ducks. Blair goes for a suplex, but Lyra blocks it and counters with a fisherman’s buster. Lyra floats over for another near fall. Blair strikes Lyra with forearms, but Lyra blocks a round kick and answers with a German suplex for a near fall. Lyra ascends to the top rope, but Blair stops her with a forearm. The two exchange forearms on the turnbuckles, and Blair goes for a Super Falcon Arrow. Lyra rolls to the floor after Blair executes the move.

Blair sends Lyra into the ringside barrier but misses a knee strike, crashing into the announce table instead. They eventually return to the ring, and Blair attempts another suplex, but her knee gives out. Lyra charges into the turnbuckles as Blair evades. Blair regains her composure and climbs to the top rope but misses a double stomp due to her injured knee. Lyra takes advantage, hitting a spinning back heel kick and following up with a Cradle Shock for the three-count.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria (retains championship)

After the match, Lola Vice appears with a contract but is stopped by Tatum Paxlye. Elektra Lopez attacks Tatum, leading to a brawl involving all four women until officials intervene.

Kelly Kincaid is backstage outside the medical room and announces that Ilja Dragunov is not medically cleared to compete tonight.

Drew Gulak, Damon Kemp, and Myles Borne vs. Carlito, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz del Toro

The action begins with Drew and Cruz in the ring. Drew initiates with a wrist lock, but Cruz uses the ropes to reverse the hold. Cruz attempts to float over, but Drew doesn’t charge into the corner. Cruz responds with a side headlock and executes a head scissors takedown. Cruz gets sent to the ropes and responds with a springboard crossbody. Wilde tags in, and they perform a double back elbow, followed by Wilde hitting an assisted slingshot splash for a near fall. Wilde cleverly avoids Kemp, maintaining a wrist lock on Drew. He then leaps over Kemp, delivering a springboard dropkick while executing a wrist lock takedown on Drew.

Myles seizes the opportunity to attack Wilde while Drew distracts the referee. Subsequently, Drew, Myles, and Damon are all sent to the floor. Wilde seizes the moment and executes a slingshot crossbody onto Damon, Drew, and Myles on the outside.

Wilde connects with a missile dropkick on Drew for a close two-count. He follows it up with a series of punches to Drew. However, Myles intervenes with a knee to Wilde’s back while Damon distracts the referee. Drew takes advantage and delivers a punishing clothesline to Wilde. Myles tags in and continues the assault, targeting Wilde’s ribcage with punches. Borne joins in with more punches, and Myles adds a knee to Wilde’s back. Kemp tags in, lands a knee and uppercut, and executes a neckbreaker for a near fall.

Borne re-enters the match, kicking Wilde and following up with more punches. Drew tags back in and delivers a slam before tagging Borne in again. Kemp tags in, and they send Wilde into Drew, who hits a German suplex. Myles adds a dropkick to assist Kemp in hitting a German suplex of his own, but Carlito breaks up the pin attempt.

Wilde attempts to kick Kemp away, but Drew prevents him from making the tag. Kemp re-enters and targets Wilde’s back with a kick and applies an ankle lock. Kemp knocks Cruz off the apron, but Wilde manages to land on his feet during a belly-to-back suplex attempt. Carlito tags in and kicks Kemp, following it up with a running kick to the leg. Carlito pulls out an apple and gives Drew a back body drop. Kemp receives a kick from Carlito, who follows up with a spinebuster for a near fall.

Wilde hits a superkick on Drew, Borne delivers a clothesline to Wilde, and Cruz connects with a springboard dropkick to Myles. Kemp slams Cruz but then executes a uranage backbreaker on Carlito. At this point, everyone is down in the ring except for Cruz. Kemp manages to get a near fall on Carlito, showing the intensity of the match.

Joaquin Wilde executed a flawless flip dive onto Drew and Myles, while Kemp attempted an O’Connor Roll, only for Cruz to tag in and deliver a decisive kick to Kemp. Following this, Carlito unleashed a lungblower and a powerful slam on his opponents. Cruz ascended the turnbuckle and executed a spectacular twisting 450 splash, securing the three-count for his team.

Winners: Carlito, Cruz del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde

After the match, Carlito descended to the floor and playfully spat his apple into Drew’s face.

Back in the locker room, Kelly interviewed Trick and Hayes. Trick expressed his well-wishes for Ilja and his readiness for the upcoming match. Hayes confidently stated that Ilja had foreseen Trick’s victory. Grayson Waller made an unexpected appearance and boldly claimed that there was no chance Trick could defeat Ilja.

In response, Trick asserted his status as the Iron Survivor, to which Waller retorted that he was the original Iron Survivor back when Trick was a valet, while Hayes is now in that role. Hayes proposed that Waller should face Trick since he didn’t have a match scheduled for the night. Waller initially declined, citing his status on Smackdown and his preference for facing top-tier opponents.

However, Hayes remained steadfast in his confidence that Trick would emerge victorious, going so far as to put Trick’s number one contender spot on the line to prove it. Waller ultimately accepted the challenge, setting the stage for an intriguing showdown.

The broadcast then went to a commercial break.

Riley Osborne passionately declared that tonight’s match was the most significant of his life. He emphasized that he joined NXT with the intention of following in the illustrious footsteps of European wrestling legends like Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, William Regal, and many others. With the opportunity to secure a contract, he saw a path to potentially becoming a champion in 2024. Acknowledging the imposing power advantage possessed by his opponent, Oba Femi, Riley was determined to raise his hand in victory and etch his name onto the list of distinguished European superstars.

Arianna Gace vs. Roxanne Perez

In the opening contest, Grace and Perez locked up, with Grace gaining an early advantage by applying a wrist lock and executing a takedown. Grace extended her hand as a show of sportsmanship, but Perez attempted to take advantage and received a pie face from Grace in return. Perez retaliated with a slap and then sent Grace into the turnbuckles. Grace countered with a takedown of her own, but she missed a subsequent back elbow and clothesline. Perez capitalized with a cross body and a rollup followed by a bridge, earning a near fall. She continued with a running uppercut.

Grace attempted a belly-to-back suplex, but Perez landed on her feet. Grace then kicked Perez to the apron and catapulted Perez’s throat into the middle rope. Grace continued her assault by sending Perez into the turnbuckles, delivering an Irish whip and a running elbow in the corner, and finally executing a suplex for a near fall. Grace then applied a rear chin lock.

Perez fought back by sending Grace into the ropes and getting a near fall with a rollup. Grace responded with a kick to the midsection and proceeded to slam Perez’s face into the mat multiple times. Perez blocked a slap and a kick from Grace, launching a flurry of punches and a dropkick. She followed up with an uppercut and a forearm, then climbed the turnbuckles to deliver punches to Grace. However, Grace resorted to raking Perez’s eyes and sent her into the turnbuckles. In the end, Perez managed to secure the victory with her finishing move, “Pop Rox.”

Winner: Roxanne Perez

After the match, Arianna Grace approached Perez, claiming to have issues and needing help. However, she launched a surprise attack on Perez, delivering punches and putting her in a crossface submission. Officials eventually intervened, separating the two competitors.

The decision was reversed, and the match was awarded to Arianna Grace.

In another segment, Kelly interviewed Ava outside Shawn’s office. Ava emphasized Ilja’s health as the top priority and stated that once he was cleared, he would face either Trick or Grayson.

Ava was questioned about her current role, to which she responded that someone had informed her that Shawn needed assistance. She also mentioned the upcoming Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic starting next week.

Then, Tiffany expressed her determination to put Fallon in her place, asserting that Fallon did not belong in the same league as her. She declared that if she were Fallon, she would aspire to be like herself. Tiffany continued with a harsh message, stating that Fallon would become her servant, as it should be, emphasizing her superiority.

The show then proceeded to a commercial break.

As the broadcast resumed, Blair Davenport was seen walking backstage when she was suddenly confronted by Nikkita Lyons. Nikkita’s sudden presence startled Blair, who accused Nikkita of lacking the courage to take action.

In response, Nikkita claimed that she was demonstrating respect and that she wouldn’t earn a title match by attacking Blair. A heated exchange ensued between Nikkita and Blair, with both of them contemplating a fight right there and then. However, officials intervened, preventing any physical confrontation between the two competitors.

Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley in a Loser Must Work for the Other for a Day Match

In the heated match between Fallon and Tiffany, Fallon gained an early advantage by landing a punch and then sending Tiffany into the turnbuckles. Fallon followed up with a shoulder tackle, causing Tiffany to roll out of the ring. However, Tiffany quickly retaliated by pulling Fallon out of the ring and attempting to slam her into the apron. Fallon blocked Tiffany’s move and managed to send Tiffany into the apron herself.

Back inside the ring, Fallon went for a pin attempt but only secured a near fall. Fallon then avoided a seated splash from Tiffany and countered with a drop toe hold and a kick. She slid to the floor, looking for an offensive opportunity, but Tiffany was prepared and thwarted Fallon’s punch attempt. Instead, Tiffany sent Fallon crashing into the ring post. Tiffany continued her assault by kicking Fallon in the back and delivering a series of chops. Tiffany unleashed a brutal Irish whip followed by a powerful splash in the corner. She repeated the hard Irish whip, causing Fallon to collide face-first with the turnbuckles.

Fallon finally managed to mount a comeback with an Irish whip of her own, but her attempt at a splash ended in a miss. Tiffany capitalized by sending Fallon to the mat by her hair, garnering a near fall. Tiffany then applied a rear chin lock and followed up with an elbow strike, sending Fallon to the mat once more. Tiffany added a series of kicks against the ropes, but Fallon blocked one and retaliated with chops to Tiffany.

As the match progressed, Tiffany sent Fallon into the ropes, and Tiffany executed a running hip attack against the ropes. Both competitors connected with clotheslines, resulting in both Fallon and Tiffany going down, with the outcome of the match hanging in the balance.

Tiffany and Fallon continued to trade forearm strikes, showcasing their determination and resilience. Fallon gained the upper hand momentarily by kicking Tiffany and then sending her crashing into the ringside barrier, resulting in a near fall when they returned to the ring.

Fallon continued her offensive with a knee strike, followed by an impressive cartwheel maneuver as a setup for a flam. However, Tiffany countered this move into a crucifix bomb, narrowly missing a three-count. Fallon attempted a suplex, but Tiffany successfully blocked it. Fallon showed her agility by floating over Tiffany, but Tiffany responded with a spinebuster for a close near fall.

Fallon executed a powerful Finlay Slam, but her attempt to follow up with the “Prettiest Moonsault Ever” missed its mark. As Fallon climbed the turnbuckles for another attack, Tiffany pushed her to the floor, but Tiffany ended up on the outside as well. They continued their exchange of forearm strikes, with Tiffany eventually dropping Fallon face-first onto the apron.

Tiffany retrieved a chair and brought it into the ring, signaling her intention to use it as a weapon. However, Fallon thwarted Tiffany’s plans with a well-timed thrust kick. The referee intervened to remove the chair from the ring. Seizing the opportunity, Fallon capitalized with a devastating Shining Wizard, securing the three-count for the victory.

Winner: Fallon Henley

During a backstage segment, Bron Breakker was on the phone when Baron Corbin approached him. Baron advised Bron to drop the tough guy persona and proposed the idea of forming a tag team for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Although Baron admitted it went against his instincts, he believed they could make a formidable team.

Bron couldn’t help but chuckle at the notion of Baron seeking him out as a partner. Baron argued that they were both “a-holes” and that their combined strength could dominate the tournament and lead them to the tag team titles. Bron playfully suggested he could lead the team with “baldy” (referring to Baron) following behind him.

Baron, on the other hand, declared that he would be the one doing the destruction while Bron focused on his tanning. Ultimately, Bron seemed to warm up to the idea, and they appeared to be on the same page about teaming up.

The show then transitioned to an Oba Femi video package, where he emphasized his Nigerian heritage and the culture of strength that he came from. He expressed his determination to win the contract and become the “giant” of NXT.

Following the video package, there was a backstage encounter between Gigi Dolin and Cora Jade. Gigi was accidentally in Cora’s locker, and Cora confronted her about it. Gigi apologized, but Cora made it clear that she couldn’t respect someone who didn’t respect others’ personal spaces.

In another segment, Sarah interviewed Ridge Holland, who discussed his journey, including the injuries and setbacks he had faced. Ridge talked about his previous injuries and how they made him question his future. He mentioned his partnership with Butch and Sheamus, the Brawling Brutes, and how it had both positive and negative aspects.

When Sarah asked who the NXT audience should know Ridge Holland to be, he spoke about respecting Ilja Dragunov and the lack of malicious intent in their recent match. Ridge emphasized that he was a father and a friend, not someone looking to end careers. He expressed his desire for redemption and to prove himself to the NXT Universe, vowing to go through the roster to do so. Ridge was determined to show who he truly was during his return to NXT.

During a segment, Thea Hail was pushed into Riley Osborne by Jacy Jayne, who announced that she would be ringside to watch Riley’s match. They exchanged a high-five, and Thea was overwhelmed with excitement, declaring that she would never wash her hand again after this memorable moment. Thea’s enthusiasm and admiration for Jacy Jayne were evident in her reaction.

Oba Femi vs Riley Osborne in the Finals of the NXT Breakout Tournament

In their matchup, Riley Osborne and Oba Femi engaged in a physical contest. They locked up, but Oba gained the early advantage by placing Riley on the turnbuckles. Riley fought back with a series of kicks, but Oba swatted away Riley’s attempted dropkick. Riley managed to avoid an incoming elbow drop and applied a front face lock.

Oba, however, powered out of the hold and pushed Riley away. Riley attempted to clip Oba’s legs, but Oba grabbed Riley by the throat and sent him to the outside of the ring. Oba then hurled Riley back into the ring, displaying his dominance.

As Riley recovered on the apron, he delivered a kick to Oba and charged at him, but Oba responded with a punishing chop, sending Riley crashing to the canvas. Oba continued his assault with a back body drop, a European uppercut, and a chokehold in the corner, showcasing his physicality and control in the match.

Oba landed a forearm that left Riley down, and he followed it up with a bear hug, exerting pressure on Riley’s midsection. Riley attempted to break free by striking Oba with forearms, but Oba responded with a knee and an Irish whip into the ropes. Oba returned to the bear hug, squeezing the air out of Riley.

Riley continued to battle, using forearms to escape the bear hug. However, Oba countered with a uranage backbreaker, inflicting more damage on Riley’s spine. Oba once again resorted to the bear hug, maintaining control of the match. Riley managed to break free from Oba’s hold with a jawbreaker.

Oba struck Riley with a forearm to the back and a European uppercut before attempting another Irish whip. However, Riley avoided the shoulder in the corner, causing Oba to collide with the ring post. Seizing the opportunity, Riley delivered a chop and attempted a crucifix and a sunset flip, but Oba countered by picking up Riley. Riley shifted his strategy and executed a headscissors takedown followed by a dropkick. He continued with a twisting moonsault for a near fall and a running uppercut.

Riley then ascended the turnbuckle and executed a shooting star press, but Oba got his knees up, inflicting damage on Riley in the process. Oba capitalized on the opportunity with a snake eyes maneuver and followed it up with a toss choke slam. Finally, Oba sealed the victory with a power bomb for the three-count.

Winner:  Oba Femi

In a pre-match promo, Bronco and Lucien sent a warning to their opponent Tony Price. Bronco stated that Tony had a good run, but after their match, all Tony would have left is his nickname. Lucien emphasized their family connection and their shared roots, describing how they were connected from the bottom. Bronco continued, saying that he saw no hunger in Tony’s eyes, whereas they were hungry for success. He highlighted the gold they had around their mouths, necks, and ears, but they needed gold around their waists. They declared their intent to make Tony feel the impact of their game.

SCRYPTS, another tag team, chimed in with their own message. They claimed to have conquered the streets and the system and were determined to become the new tag team champions.

Kelly then interviewed Izzi Dame and Kiana James. Izzi explained that she chose to join forces with Kiana after slamming the door on Roxanne and realizing she made the right decision. Kiana praised Izzi’s loyalty, potential, and willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. She saw dollar signs in their future and believed that with her guidance, everyone would soon know who Izzi Dame is.

In the locker room, Hayes and Trick discussed Melo’s decision to put up his title match. Hayes expressed confidence in Trick’s abilities and assured him that he had everything under control. Hayes mentioned that Trick was originally scheduled to face Ilja Dragunov that night, and he believed Trick could handle it. However, Trick insisted that he could handle the situation on his own and asked Hayes if he was feeling confident. Hayes affirmed his confidence in Trick’s abilities.

The show then went to a commercial break.

In a backstage segment, Thea and Jacy discussed Riley Osborne’s recent performance and his potential sadness. Thea suggested getting him a gift card to console him. Duke and Andre then joined the conversation, emphasizing the importance of the Dusty Cup. Andre believed it was time for Duke and Riley to team up for the tournament. Jacy asserted her control and informed Andre that it was his responsibility to handle their financial matters so that the team could be Duke and Riley. Thea expressed excitement about this potential partnership, and Jacy emphasized her intention to take the necessary steps to secure their future.

Lyra was seen sitting on a production box when Tatum Paxley approached her. Tatum commented on Lyra still being the champion.

Axiom and Frazer had a backstage discussion about the Dusty Cup. Frazer refused to share his thoughts but suggested that they would make a formidable tag team. They believed that the established tag teams had failed, and it was time for a wake-up call.

Edris Enofe and Malik Blade then appeared, and Frazer acted as if nothing had happened between them. Edris expressed their eagerness to silence Axiom and Frazer and hoped to be the ones to prove Frazer wrong.

Channing and Tony were asked about the earlier comments made during the show. Tony explained that Andre was far from paying off his debt, and now they had a tag title match on top of that.

Rizzo introduced herself, and Tony described her as the family’s glue, Adrianna, adding a warning that she had a no-nonsense attitude.

Joe Gacy unexpectedly emerged from the trunk of a car and mentioned that he had taken care of someone in there.

The segment concluded with the announcement that next week would feature a tag title match and a match between Cora Jade and Gigi Dolin. Additionally, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic would kick off.

Grayson Waller vs. Trick Williams for Trick’s Number One Contender Spot for the NXT Men’s Championship

n a match between Trick and Grayson Waller, Trick started with some words for Waller, but Waller quickly responded with a jab and a series of kicks. Waller followed up with a suplex, earning a near fall. Trick managed to regain his footing and delivered a dropkick followed by a slam. Trick attempted another slam, but Waller thwarted it and got back on his feet.

Waller responded with a dropkick of his own, and Trick followed it up with a slam, resulting in another near fall. Trick went for his cyclone kick, but Waller wisely rolled out of the ring to avoid it. Waller then pulled Trick to the outside and received a series of punches and chops from Trick around the ringside area. Trick then sent Waller over the announce table and posed on top of it while Waller recovered and got back into the ring.

Waller retaliated with a forearm and continued to attack Trick, sending him back into the ring. Waller attempted a suplex, but Trick blocked it and nearly secured a victory with an inside cradle. Waller responded with an elbow to the back of Trick’s head and even stood on Trick’s head while taunting him. Waller did some pushups, showcasing his confidence. Trick attempted a sunset flip, but Waller remained on his feet and delivered a forearm to the back of Trick’s head, followed by a series of elbows to the collarbone.

In the heated match between Trick and Grayson Waller, Trick unleashed a barrage of punches and forearms to gain momentum. However, Waller managed to counter with a boot to Trick’s head and a forearm to the back of his head, coming close to securing a pinfall. Trick responded with a suplex, leaving both competitors down.

Trick continued his offense with more punches, although the referee warned him about the possibility of disqualification. Waller countered with an Irish whip, and as Trick attempted to float over, Waller connected with a double stomp for another near fall.

Waller then sent Trick shoulder-first into the ring post when Trick was on the apron. Waller capitalized on this with a single-leg crab in the turnbuckles, followed by elbow drops to Trick’s back and another single-leg crab. Trick managed to power his way to the ropes, forcing Waller to break the hold. Waller exchanged words with Trick and received a punch in return. Trick continued with a flurry of punches, a flying clothesline, and a back elbow.

Trick executed a flapjack that sent Waller to the apron. Waller countered with a drop of Trick on the top rope and attempted a slingshot rolling cutter, but Trick responded with a pop-up uppercut for a near fall. Trick followed up with kicks and a knee to the midsection, but Waller retaliated with a cravate and knees to the head.

Waller placed Trick on the turnbuckles, attempting a superplex, but Trick fought back with forearms. Trick then executed a uranage off the turnbuckles, almost securing the victory when Waller got his foot on the ropes. Waller managed to hit a slingshot rolling flatliner for another near fall. He climbed the turnbuckles for a springboard elbow drop, but Trick moved out of the way and countered with a jumping neckbreaker.

As the match was reaching its climax, Carmelo Hayes made his way to the ring and stood on the apron. Trick confronted Hayes, causing Waller to retreat to the outside. To everyone’s surprise, Kevin Owens appeared and punched Waller. Owens then sent Waller back into the ring, and Trick capitalized with a jumping knee, securing the three-count for the victory.

Winner: Trick Williams

After the match, Carmelo Hayes picked up Trick’s new shirt and applauded his victory. The show concluded with these events, and the credits rolled.

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