The wrestling world is still on fire after The Rock made return last night on WWE RAW.

During his electrifying promo, The Great One dropped a bombshell hinting at colossal showdown with none other than his cousin and WWE Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. He boldly declared his intention to take a seat at the “Head of the Table!”

Dave Meltzer discussed the segment on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio and while we can’t stamp it as official just yet, Meltzer mentioned that Roman Reigns has been simmering with those “Head of the Table” and “Tribal Chief” nicknames for years, all in preparation for an epic battle with The People’s Champion himself, The Rock.

Meltzer stated,“ That whole thing, ‘The Head of the Table’ and all that, and ‘Tribal Chief,’ was all done originally to build up the Roman Reigns-Rock match.”


Apparently, the idea of The Rock clashing with Reigns has been tossed around before. The Rock once turned down the chance to square off at WrestleMania 38 in Arlington, Texas, and had his sights set on WrestleMania 39 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

Meltzer stated, “I remember they were gonna do the Dallas show [WrestleMania 38] and then it was gonna be Los Angeles [WrestleMania 39]. He turned down the first one to do the second one, which would have been Los Angeles. Then Los Angeles ended up being canceled, kind of in December, I think.”

Back in September, The Rock himself confirmed our Ringside News exclusive during an appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay that showdown with Reigns was in the cards for WrestleMania 39, but alas, those plans crumbled like a table!

So, wrestling fans, the burning question remains: Will The Rock finally lay the SmackDown on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia this year? Stay tuned to Ringside News because this showdown is like a simmering pot of anticipation that’s bound to boil over!

Would you be mad if WWE replaces Cody Rhodes with The Rock at WrestleMania this year? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Carrier

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