CM Punk’s return to WWE at Survivor Series last month has significantly boosted the company’s draw. With each passing day, he continues to grow in prominence, garnering increasing excitement from fans. During the December 30th WWE live event, he also ended up apologizing to Cody Rhodes.

Since returning to WWE last month, the Second City Saint has been on a remarkable streak, leaving fans in awe of his accomplishments in such a short period. Fans are already looking forward to what he can do in 2024.

During the December 30th WWE live event, CM Punk squared off against Dominik Mysterio in their second encounter this week. Unsurprisingly, Punk would pick up the win again.

Following the conclusion of the match, CM Punk cut a promo on the crowd. He made it clear that he was disappointed Rhea Ripley wasn’t at the event, as he wanted to bodyslam Ripley. He would then apologize to Cody Rhodes for stating that winning the Royal Rumble won’t be the end of his story.


‘Like all of you, I’m disappointed that Rhea Ripley wasn’t here tonight. I was looking forward to hoisting her up and bodyslamming her to cause California to break down to San Andreas and fall into the ocean. Maybe next time.

At the end of the month in January, I got to the Royal Rumble and dammit, if there was a sign in this building I’d point to it right now. I’m gonna point to my heart, that’s where all you reside till I walk into the Rumble and walk out the winner. That’s me, finishing what I started and it’s not over then cause I’m going to main event WrestleMania. And that’s not me finishing my story, sorry Cody, that’s just me getting started.”

CM Punk also joined an exclusive clothing brand recently. CM Punk will be competing in the Royal Rumble match on January 27th, so we will have to wait and see if he can win the match next month.

What do you think of what CM Punk had to say? Do you want Punk and Rhea Ripley to interact on WWE television? Let us know in the comments!

Transcription by Ringside News

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