The pro wrestling world is very different from what it used to be, but that is true for the world in general. Now, one WWE Hall of Famer is getting called out for using some horrible language. We also must provide a trigger warning for this article.

Missy Beefcake, who is wife of WWE Hall of Famer Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, shared video clips on her social media platforms featuring Greg “The Hammer” Valentine using derogatory language directed at the LGBTQ+ community. She called attention to these videos with a caption that summed everything up.

“Greg Valentine making homophobic remarks! He’s disgusting!!!!”

In one clip, Greg Valentine can be heard saying, “You f*cking f*ggot. I can whip you with one arm tied behind my f*cking back!” Another clip captured Valentine mentioning, “The f*ggot on CNN besides Don Lemon.” Then someone at the table said he was talking about Anderson Cooper.


This kind of language might have been able to skirt by back in the territory days of pro wrestling, a day where Greg “The Hammer’ Valentine flourished and rose to fame. That being said, 2023 is very different and now he’s getting grilled in a big way over those comments.

You can check out Greg “The Hammer” Valentine’s disturbing videos below. We can only hope that he learns a lesson, but some people are cancelling him now.

What’s your take on Greg “The Hammer” Valentine’s video leak? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Felix Upton

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