Grayson Waller has made lot of noise since he was the final draft in the 2023 Supplemental Draft. He was sent to SmackDown, but he did not stay quiet at all.

WWE put Grayson Waller right to work on television, even though he was injured from the beginning. They had him hosting the Grayson Waller Effect on television, and he was getting heat from the jump.

While speaking to Brad Gilmore, Grayson Waller was asked about who he is eyeing for WrestleMania 40. He has two big names in mind for his opponent at the showcase of the immortals.

“Definitely, you know, I got to meet Punk for the first last week, and I’m not gonna get into that, but people have seen how I am online, so I’m not gonna get into how that interaction went. Same with Randy. I got to meet him for the first time. Grayson Waller is who he is. Maybe those interactions weren’t so polite as they were in other instances, but that’s okay.”


We will have to see what the plan is for Grayson Waller. He has a huge upside, and the charisma to take over the WWE Universe for years to come. Only time will tell how his WrestleMania 40 turns out.

Grayson Waller may have supporters in WWE, but he may have also rubbed CM Punk and Randy Orton the wrong way. We will have to see if anything comes of this.

What’s your take on Grayson Waller’s future in WWE? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Transcription by Ringside News

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