Jackie Redmond serves as a backstage interviewer and correspondent on WWE Monday Night RAW. She also has an NHL broadcasting gig to boot and she now unveiled how her WWE career helped her NHL career.

Her official entry into the WWE happened in October 2021, where she later became co-host for Raw Talk and Talking Smack. Recently, Redmond joined the Rangers Ed. Podcast and shared insights on how covering WWE has enhanced her skills as an NHL broadcaster.

Despite the stark differences between hockey and WWE, Redmond believes that her experience with WWE has positively influenced her broadcasting abilities. In the past, she used to stress over routine pre and post-game interviews in hockey, where players, focused on their upcoming games, weren’t always in the mood for typical questions.

However, her exposure to WWE both on the road and through close coverage in recent years, has changed her perspective. Realizing that every moment is an opportunity, Redmond has adopted a more relaxed approach to interviews.


You know, it’s so funny because hockey and WWE are so different but in a lot of ways, I feel covering WWE has made me a better broadcaster in a lot of ways. I think for a long time, I always wanted to — like in post-game interviews or arrival interviews which are the bane of most reporters existence because you record them at 5 o’clock and the player is in their routine of getting ready for the game. They don’t really wanna do them. It’s not a place that generally you can have fun or anyways, I used to stress like crazy over these interviews because you only get two questions, you know the player’s not really in the mood to do it because their puck drops in two hours.

They’re just trying to get there, listen to their music, do their stretches, whatever, get their gear ready and so I always used to ask just the stereotypical boring question about the game and let them be on their way and I feel like since I’ve been covering WWE, not just on the road with them but just the last couple of years of watching the product closely and covering it, I’m like, you know what? Every moment is an opportunity and these guys are human beings and they like to laugh and joke around and have fun so, screw it. Not every pre and post-game interview has to be super serious and so, this year I’ve really taken on the attitude of just ask about the game, cover the game but if there’s an opening to do something different, do it.

Redmond made an appearance on the December 18th episode of RAW, and she is set to co-host the WWE RAW Best of 2023 episode on December 25th alongside Peter Rosenberg. She is happy in her role right now and that’s all that matters.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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