Jon Moxley has been enjoying a pretty spectacular run, but that does not come without a few bumps on the road. Moxley was in a match against Jay White in the AEW Classic Continental’s Gold League. What was supposed to be a victory for him turned into a loss, paving the way for White to go ahead for the Gold League finals. Now, Moxley has promised something new for his fans during an upcoming bout.

In the post-fight promo released by AEW, Moxley can be seen elaborating that he still has eyes on the prize, as he doesn’t get paid to make excuses. He also spoke about his three-way bout against Will Ospreay and David Finlay for the new IWGP Global Championship.

“Well, that is how you finish a block. If not with victory, with maximum effort. Am I pissed off? Oh yeah. I wanted that 5-0 real bad. But hey, you can’t lose what you never had in the first place, so why worry about it? Last week, I told Swerve Strickland if he was ever going to great, at some point he was going to have to learn how to lose — what better time to prove a point than right now when I’m knocked down and have dirt in my eye and blood in my mouth and with one leg. I may be the victim of some unfortunate circumstances, Bryan’s eye is falling out of his head. Next week I’ve got to face two guys, two of the hottest wrestlers in the world. I’ve got two snipers coming after my head in a triple threat match, and I hate three ways man.

He also cautioned Swerve Strickland, saying that he will have front-row seats for his Wrestle Kingdom spectacle alongside Jay White. Furthermore, he exclaimed that it doesn’t matter what is wrong with you because the world simply doesn’t care about these ‘excuses.’


Right about now is when most people start making excuses, they start coming to terms with defeat. I don’t get paid to make excuses. Next week I will show the world something really special. Jay White, Swerve Strickland are going to have a front row seat. I’m going to show everyone in AEW, every wrestler all around the world, anybody from any walk of life that if you’ve got a job to do, the world doesn’t care if you’re sick, if you’re tired, or if you’re hurt. These AEW fans, they come to shows and they buy tickets and they pay for parking and they bring their kids and they take a night off work that they can’t afford, they don’t want your excuses man. They deserve 100% of your effort. Next week, i’m gonna show the world how to suck it up and get the job done. Next week, I’m gonna get this job done and win this block.”

Later on in the promo, Moxley criticized those who are of the opinion that AEW stars have it easy in the company. Moxley will be fighting for the NJP’s IWGP Global Championship at the January 2024 event, Wrestle Kingdom. It remains to be seen how well Moxley will fair against Ospreay and Finlay for the newly integrated championship.

Do you think Moxley is going to come back brawling after his recent defeat? Let us know in the comments below.

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