AEW President Tony Khan has a lot of passion for the world of professional wrestling, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t done a lot of questionable things over the years. That said, Khan decided to eviscerate Disco Inferno after the latter’s constant criticism of AEW.

Tony Khan still books AEW in his own vision, even though he still gets advice and help from those close to him in the company. Reports have suggested that AEW talent are increasingly in the dark when it comes to their creative direction due to Khan making last-minute decisions but that was quickly defended as well.

AEW is currently not as hot as it used to be as AEW ticket sales and ratings have been slowly dwindling. Despite that, there are still a lot of dedicated AEW fans who love the product. However, many people hate the company as well.

Former WCW star Disco Inferno has constantly criticized AEW over the past couple of years for various reasons. Inferno responded to one of Tony Khan’s tweets recently stating that AEW needs a reset. This prompted a response from the AEW President himself, who blasted Inferno and called him an irrelevant parasite.


The belief that you’re an irrelevant parasite unites the entire pro wrestling community. #AEWCollision

Tony Khan also recently made it clear that he doesn’t worry about AEW constantly getting attacked anymore. Regardless, only time will tell what Khan has planned for the coming in the coming months.

What’s your opinion on what Tony Khan had to say? Do you feel he was right in what he said about Disco Inferno? Let us know in the comments section below!

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