Jey Uso is back in action, and the term “Yeet” is once again ringing through the WWE arenas as the company seems to have secured the rights to use it for merchandise.

Ever since Jey’s unforgettable appearance at the Fastlane post-show press conference, “Yeet” has become synonymous with the Monday Night Raw Superstar. Fans have embraced the chant, and it even found its way onto merchandise for the one and only Main Event Jey.

However, there was a twist in the tale. WWE had to temporarily abandon the usage of “Yeet” after it was trademarked in 2021 by Kasey Huffman, an independent wrestler hailing from West Virginia. The situation got to the point where WWE had to blur the term in video packages featuring Jey. But, as they say, the story was far from over.

Recent developments suggest that WWE wasn’t about to give up on “Yeet” without a fight. When Jey unleashed a “Yeet” on Twitter, fans began speculating that perhaps a deal had been struck to bring “Yeet” back into the WWE lexicon. And it seems those speculations were right on the money.


At a recent live event in Utica, New York, Jey was once again seen sporting a “Yeet” shirt, and he made it abundantly clear on social media that “Yeet” is back and here to stay.

However, even though Jey has reclaimed his beloved catchphrase, it wasn’t enough to secure him a victory that night. In a thrilling matchup, Drew McIntyre emerged victorious over his rival, thanks in part to a low-blow and a decisive pinfall. But the event didn’t stop there; Seth Rollins also had some choice words for fans who were chanting for the legendary CM Punk. WWE’s live events continue to deliver the drama, and with “Yeet” back in the mix, it’s clear that Jey Uso is riding the wave of fan enthusiasm like never before.

Are you glad that Jey Uso is now allowed to YEET again? Let us know in the comments.

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