Back in November 2022 AEW fans witnessed Jamie Hayter ascend to the pinnacle of AEW’s women’s division as she was crowned the women’s champion. The path to her title was paved with an unexpected turn of events when Thunder Rosa, the reigning champion at the time, was forced to relinquish her title due to a debilitating back injury. Since then, Thunder Rosa has been conspicuously absent from the squared circle, but she hasn’t been far from the action in AEW.

Throughout 2023, behind the scenes, a transformation was quietly taking place. It was reported in June of that year that Thunder Rosa was back to the grind, training rigorously in San Antonio, Texas, under the guidance of none other than Shoichi Funaki. The wrestling world watched with bated breath as Thunder Rosa embarked on her journey to return to in-ring competition.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. In a candid conversation with News 4 in San Antonio, Thunder Rosa herself confirmed that she is primed and ready to step back into the squared circle.

Rosa’s words resonated with unwavering determination and excitement as she declared, “I am ready. Whenever that call comes and my boss says, ‘it’s time for you to return,’ I am super excited and I cannot wait to show the world and you fans that have been supporting me all this time that I am ready and have a lot more to give.”


The anticipation among wrestling fans is palpable, and Thunder Rosa’s imminent return promises to be a momentous occasion.

As the countdown to her comeback begins, AEW fans around the world eagerly await the return of this fierce competitor, ready to witness her electrifying presence once more in the AEW ring.

How do you think Thunder Rosa’s return to AEW will impact the women’s division and the overall landscape of the promotion? Leave us a comment below.

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