Life seems to be treating Baron Corbin quite well, despite a tough loss at NXT Deadline against NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov. The noted Kansas City Chiefs fan spent his Sunday evening at the Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills game, and he had a special guest on his side—none other than the legendary Taylor Swift.

In a surprising turn of events, Baron Corbin had a winning Sunday, and it wasn’t just because the Chiefs were in action. He posted a selfie hanging out with Taylor Swift, and his tweet garnered quite a bit of attention. The Chiefs were trailing 17-14 at the time of the selfie, which left fans with numerous questions and plenty of excitement.

Corbin’s presence at the game wasn’t the only wrestling-related NFL appearance on this wrestling-filled Sunday. Goldberg made an appearance at the Falcons game and Johnny Gargano showed up at the Browns game.

With Baron Corbin having a blast with Taylor Swift and the Chiefs in action, it’s safe to say that it’s indeed good to be Baron Corbin right now. The WWE Universe can only wonder what other surprises and adventures await the Lone Wolf in the days to come. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more updates on his incredible journey.


Baron Corbin had quite an eventful Sunday, hanging out with Taylor Swift and attending the Chiefs vs. Bills game. What do you think of his unexpected encounter with the pop superstar, and what surprises and adventures do you think await him in the future? Leave us a comment below.

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