The upcoming Saturday’s NXT Deadline has a number of interesting matchups for fans to see. One of the matches set for the event is a thunderous men’s Iron Survivor Challenge, where NXT star Trick Williams will be making a special appearance. He will be seen alongside other stars such as Josh Briggs, Dijak, Tyler Bate, and Bron Breakker.

During a conversation with Wrestling Observer Figure Four Online, Williams opened up about how getting turned down by WWE forged a path for him to become a superstar. A former football player with the Philadelphia Eagles, he was planning to go with the XFL as a backup plan. However, he said that unbeknownst to him, he received a call from WWE for a tryout.

So I don’t know what happened in the paperwork or how it crossed over, but somehow or another, the day after my agent tells me that, the next day, WWE reaches out to me and they say, ‘Hey, if you’re interested, we like to bring you in for a tryout.’ Now, I’m be honest with you: I watched wrestling up to, I would say, the Attitude Era. I opened a can of whoop ass at three years old.

Sadly, he was turned down since he had no experience as a wrestler, despite his ‘athletic charismatic’ personality. After being told to acquire the experience, he moved to South Philadelphia and trained at CZW. However, COVID forced him to move to LA, where he mastered wrestling at the Knox Pro gym. He also said that getting turned down was the ‘best thing that ever happened to [him] since [he is] much happier in WWE than playing football.


Williams is currently trying to reclaim the NXT North American Championship. He’s won it fair and square after defeating Dominik Mysterio at No Mercy. This has led to his Saturday appearance at the NXT Deadline.

Do you think he is going to score a win at the event? Share your thoughts below.

Nitish Vashishtha

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