In an interesting turn of events, the former AEW Brian Pillman Jr. joined WWE after four years. Now, he’s known as Lexis King on the WWE roster and has made compelling waves in NXT. Recently, WWE legend Shawn Michaels addressed how Lexis has been adapting to the new structure.

During an NXT Deadline media call, Michaels opened up about how King has been holding up. He explained that Lexis comprehends that he’s been launched into the ‘deep end’ and is doing as much as he can to stay afloat. He further said that Lexis has remained persistent and is fully working with WWE.

“He’s been working with us. He asks a lot of questions. He’s a hungry kid. I think he’s someone who has adapted and adjusted to the structure that we have in NXT in a really positive way,” said Michaels. He added, “I think he is someone that will be, I think, a prime example of what NXT can do for you because he is someone that did need that structure.”

Commenting on the upcoming match between Carmello Hayes and King at the upcoming NXT Deadline event on Saturday, Michaels said that he is looking forward to it. He also highlights how he is eager to see exactly what King has up his sleeves. “We want to see what he’s got. We believe there’s a lot of potential there, and again, not to say that this whole career will rest on this performance by any stretch, but look, I think we, we all know the lineage, right?”


King started his journey with WWE on October 24’s NXT Halloween Havoc event, where he defeated Dante Chen. It seems that Michaels is intrigued by King’s commitment, though he definitely has a lot to prove in his upcoming match in NXT Deadline. Do you think King has what it takes to take the win from Hayes? Share your thoughts below.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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