Max Caster & Anthony Bowens and Billy Gunn, who currently hold the AEW Trios Championships, have been absent from AEW television since the November 8 episode of AEW Dynamite when they were attacked by the Devil and his henchmen.

Billy Gunn recently addressed their absence on the A2TheK podcast and expressed hope that they will make their return to television soon.

Billy mentioned that he has never been sidelined for such an extended period and believes that everyone is now healed up and ready to go.

Gunn also noted that they want to make their return in a way that doesn’t get lost in the shuffle of ongoing storylines, including the ongoing tournament. Their plan is to come back, uncover the identities of the dark-dressed and masked individuals involved in the attack, and “ruin their lives.”


“I would hope so. I’ve never been taken out this long. I think there is some stuff going on. I think we’ll be back, we should be back, everyone is healed up and everybody is good. They have the tournament going on right now so I don’t want to get our coming back lost in that shuffle. I want to come back and find out who all the dark-dressed and masked guy is and just ruin their lives. That’s our plan. Me and the kids have a funny thing, we have team meetings all the time. Max finally got an iPhone so we can all FaceTime each other. We still see each other and have our team meetings of what to do. Hopefully, we’ll be back soon,” he said.

While the exact return date for The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn remains unknown, it’s clear that they are eager to make their presence felt once again in AEW. Ringside News will keep you if any new developments on their return are available.

Do you think The Acclaimed need a change when they return to AEW? Perhaps a heel turn? Let us know in the comments.

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