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WWE NXT (12/5/2023) Lineup:

  • Ilja Dragunov in a face to face meeting with Baron Corbin
  • Iron Survivor Challenge Last Chance Qualifying Match
  • Kiana James vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Fallon Henley vs. Thea Hail
  • Iron Survivor Challenge Last Chance Qualifying Match
  • Carmelo Hayes vs. Eddy Thorpe vs. Joe Coffey vs. Tyler Bate
  • Alpha Academy (Otis, Chad Gable, and Maxxine Dupri) vs. Meta-Four (Noam Dar, Oro Mensah, and Lash Legend)
  • Andre Chase addresses Chase U in a special assembly.

WWE NXT (12/5/2023) Results:

Vic Joseph and Booker T will be your commentators.

Let’s review yesterday’s showdown at the Performance Center, where Roxanne Perez squared off against Kiana James.


Thea Hail vs. Kiana James vs. Roxanne Perez versus in a Last Chance Qualifying Match for the Iron Survivor Match

Perez wastes no time and immediately targets James as the bell rings. Kiana responds with forearm strikes to Hail. Fallon attempts a waist lock on Hail, but Kiana sends Fallon crashing into Perez. Fallon and Thea combine for a double shoulder tackle on James, causing Kiana to retreat to the floor.

Meanwhile, in the background, we catch a glimpse of Lyra, who is being observed by someone else.

A triple test of strength unfolds, with Perez delivering a kick to Fallon. Fallon and Perez jointly apply a wrist lock on Hail, but Hail counters with a double wrist lock takedown. Hail surprises with a rollup on Perez, followed by Fallon’s rollup attempt. Hail goes for another rollup, earning a near fall. Fallon applies a body scissors on Hail, nearly securing a pinfall. She tries another rollup on Hail, coming close to victory. Perez intervenes with a victory bomb on Fallon, earning a near fall. Hail runs into a boot from Perez.

Perez climbs the turnbuckles, but James knocks her off. Hail takes advantage by knocking Kiana off the apron. Hail then sends Fallon to the floor. Hail executes a drop toe hold on Kiana, and Fallon follows up with a punch. Perez delivers a punch to Fallon, while Hail goes for a suicide dive on Perez. However, Fallon responds with a forearm strike to Hail. James punches Fallon and proceeds to kick Perez, hitting her in the back with her bag. James subsequently sends Perez into the ringside barrier.

James delivers a forearm strike to Hail and tosses her back into the ring. James then slams Fallon into the ring post. Kiana proceeds with knee strikes to Hail’s midsection and a kick that nearly results in a pinfall. She exchanges words with Fallon, but Thea retaliates with punches and a head butt to the midsection. Kiana catches Thea during a cross body attempt and uses her to knock Fallon out of the ring. Kiana follows up with a slam on Thea, getting a close two-count.

Kiana targets Hail’s collarbone with elbows and sends Thea into the turnbuckles. She forcefully sends Thea to the mat by her hair, earning another near fall. Kiana applies a rear chin lock on Hail, but Thea manages to get to her feet and takes Kiana down with a snap mare followed by a kick to the knee. Hail executes a flying swinging neck breaker on Kiana, while Fallon lands a dropkick on James. Fallon proceeds with a splash on Kiana and positions Thea on the turnbuckles. Kiana sets up for a superplex, but Thea slips underneath and delivers a powerbomb while Kiana executes the superplex.

Perez enters the fray with a cross body on Kiana, followed by a dropkick. She then dishes out uppercuts and forearms to Kiana, finishing with a Thesz Press and a barrage of punches. Perez targets Fallon with a back heel kick, but Kiana intervenes, pulling Perez off Fallon when she attempts “Pop Rox.” Perez retaliates with a pendulum kick that sends Kiana to the floor.

Perez decides to reveal the hood of the announce table, sending Vic’s candy off the table into a precarious situation. However, Kiana halts Perez’s plans and tries to slam her onto the table. Perez manages to escape and sends Kiana into a chair. Kiana responds with a punch, and both women end up on the ringside barrier. Perez and Kiana exchange forearms before both competitors crash through the announce table.

Meanwhile, inside the ring, Hail surprises with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall. Fallon, on the other hand, delivers a running boot, securing the three-count and emerging as the winner.

Winner: Fallon Henley

Ilja Dragunov makes his entrance into the building.

Kelly Kincaid catches up with Lyra Valkyria and inquires about her prediction for the Iron Survivor Match winner. Lyra responds by expressing her anticipation for the match and doesn’t specifically pick a winner.

Lola Vice arrives, accompanied by Elektra Lopez, and asserts that she has the option to cash in her contract whenever she pleases. Lyra confidently states that she is prepared for any opportunity that comes her way. Tatum Paxley offers Lola some words of caution.

In the background, we spot Wes Lee on crutches.

After a commercial break, we return to find Wes Lee inside the ring.

Wes says we are four days away from Deadline and he was imagining smacking Dom all over the arena, hearing that one, two, three and then the announcement that he was the new North American Champion.  Unfortunately, it won’t be happening that way.  He says he does not say this out of uncertainty or doubt.  One on one, Dominik Mysterio cannot handle him.  The same heart that will take on any opponent under any circumstance and the same heart that all of you supported week in and week out to do things he never thought he could.  He says that support won’t help him now.  It won’t bring back the feeling to his legs.  It will not eliminate the excruciating pain he feels standing in the ring.  He says it will take surgery and time.  He says he does not know when you will see him again, but as he rose from the ashes to be one of the best NXT Champions, he will return to further cement his legacy as one of the best to do this.

Wes says this is not a goodbye.  He says he is far from being done.  Let’s just say, for now, I’ll see you later.

Dom’s music plays as Wes starts to leave the ring.

Dom says Wes Lee is going home, again.  He says he doesn’t doubt that Wes needs back surgery because it looks like he can barely stand.  Dom says imagine how his back feels carrying all of the WWE for the last two years.  While you’re gone for another year, watch what he does with this title.  Dom says it looks like he has the night off.

Wes tells Dom to pump the brakes.  He says Dom won’t have a match against him at Deadline, but he will be competing.  He tells Dom to listen to someone he is more closely related to.

Dom appears on the Tron and he says Dom will defend the title on Saturday.  Rey says he will be in the corner of the man who will take his title.  That man is the future of lucha libre, Dragon Lee.  Rey wishes Dom luck.

Dragon Lee makes his way to the ring. Lee punches Dom and then Dom gets out of the ring before Lee can do more damage.

We take a look at what happened in the training room.  Kiana tells Izzi that she appreciates her having her back and the next time she sees Roxanne,she will end her. 

Roxanne shows up and they have to be separated. Ava shows up and she says she will make this official for Saturday.

We go to commercial.

Tatum Paxley vs. Lola Vice (with Elektra Lopez)

Lola initiates the exchange with a waist lock, but Tatum responds with a back elbow strike. Tatum skillfully evades Lola’s attempted boot and leans back, transitioning into a Fujiwara armbar. However, Lola counters with a quick rollup for a near fall.

Lola follows up with a hip strike to the head and locks in a side headlock. She then shifts into a sleeper hold and executes a waist lock takedown on Tatum. Tatum manages to regain momentum, hitting Lola with a shoulder from the apron, followed by an impressive springboard dropkick.

Lola finds herself on the apron, where Tatum delivers a couple of forearm strikes. Tatum strategically kicks the rope to cause Lola discomfort and then pulls her back into the ring for a near fall. Tatum sends Lola into the turnbuckles and follows up with a cross body maneuver. Lola attempts to apply a triangle choke, but Tatum counters with a powerbomb and a swift kick.

Tatum continues her offensive with a back splash, earning her a near fall in the process.

Tatum attempts a body scissors on Lola, but Lola manages to break free and goes for a triangle hold. However, Tatum cleverly gets Lola’s shoulders on the mat for a near fall. Lola then shifts her focus to a heel hook, but Tatum reaches the ropes to break the hold. Lola retaliates with a kick to the midsection, followed by a punch and a back fist.

Lola then showcases her agility with a spinning heel kick and a spinning back heel kick, sending Tatum into the corner. She follows up with a running hip attack in the corner, nearly securing a pinfall.

Tatum attempts a rollup for a near fall, but Lola counters with a back heel kick, ultimately winning the match with a three-count.

Winner: Lola Vice

We cut to a segment featuring Nathan Frazer from last week, where Axiom approaches him and asks if he wants a match. Axiom suggests they compete like in the old days, and Nathan accepts, confidently claiming that Axiom’s face will end up worse than his.

Returning to the show, Baron Corbin is in the “Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment” and is interviewed by Kelly Kincaid about his match against Ilja Dragunov. Baron expresses his lack of need for security and confidently states that he will take the title from Ilja on Saturday.

Next, we see footage of Trick and Carmelo at the Performance Center on the day of Trick’s attack. Trick leaves, and Carmelo enters through the same door.

In the crowd, Joe Gacy is spotted behind Booker and Vic, expressing his support for Vic while they are on air.

Chad Gable, Otis, and Maxxine Dupri (with Akira Tozawa) vs. Lash Legend, Noam Dar, and Oro Mensah (with Jakara Jackson)

The match begins with Chad and Dar in the ring. Dar initiates the action with a series of kicks to Chad’s leg. Chad responds with a front face lock and a waist lock. Dar manages to back Chad into the ropes and takes advantage of the situation with a punch as they break apart. Chad quickly counters with a double leg takedown and attempts to apply the ankle lock submission, but Dar reaches the ropes to break the hold. Dar then makes a tag, bringing Oro into the match.

Chad manages to avoid Oro’s chop attempts and retaliates with a series of chops of his own. Oro responds by Irish whipping Chad and attempts to float over him, but Oro quickly sweeps Chad’s legs and pie faces him. Chad tries to execute his Chaos Theory move, but Oro clings to the turnbuckles to prevent it.

Chad counters with a flying arm drag, followed by another arm drag that transitions into an armbar. Chad then switches to an ankle lock submission. While Oro struggles in the hold, Lash makes a tag when Oro heads to his corner. Otis enters the ring, accompanied by Maxxine, but he remains on the apron.

Lash and Dupri engage in the action, with Lash sending Maxxine into the turnbuckles. However, Dupri delivers a well-timed kick. Lash manages to block Dupri’s attempted head scissors takedown and catches her on a crossbody attempt.

Dar tags in, and as Otis finally enters the match, Dar secures a side headlock on him. Dar takes advantage of the distraction caused by Lash and knocks Chad off the apron. Otis hits the turnbuckles in the process, and Dar continues to unleash a series of punches on him. Oro tags in, and they attempt a double suplex on Otis, but Otis counters with a double suplex of his own.

Chad tags back in, hitting a double clothesline off the turnbuckles. The action spills to ringside as chaos ensues, and the scene cuts to a commercial break.

As we return from the break, Dar delivers a series of knee strikes to Chad. Chad retaliates with a waist lock, and Dar responds with a forearm strike to the back. Chad quickly turns the tables with a German suplex that sends Dar face-first into the mat.

Otis and Oro make their respective tags, and Otis manages to evade Oro’s forearm strike. Otis counters with a shoulder tackle and a powerful slam. He follows it up with a back elbow and delivers a powerbomb to Dar for good measure. Oro attempts a jumping knee and a quebrada, but Otis catches Oro and executes a slam. Otis then takes off his shirt, signaling the “Caterpillar” move, which he performs, followed by an elbow drop.

Lash tags in, and Otis playfully wants to demonstrate the “Otis Love Machine.” However, Otis misses Lash, who seizes the opportunity to slam Otis. Maxxine joins the action with a crossbody and a kick, while Dupri hits a suplex on Oro for a near fall. Dupri follows up with punches to Oro, and Chad assists by clotheslining Oro over the top rope and onto the floor.

Dupri takes advantage of the situation, kicking Lash off the apron and into Otis’s arms. Otis uses Lash as a weapon to kick Oro away. Dupri, with Chad’s assistance, leaps off Chad’s shoulders with a crossbody onto Lash, Oro, and Otis.

Dar tries for a Nova Roller, but Chad evades it and quickly locks in an ankle lock. Chad adds a grapevine to the leg, and Dar is left with no choice but to tap out.

Winners: Otis, Chad Gable, and Maxxine Dupri

We cut to the Gallus Bar, where Allus is joined by Hank and Tank. Wolfgang addresses them, suggesting they can leave either through the door or the window, seemingly indicating they are not welcome.

Joe questions Hank and Tank, asking if they’re trying to be humorous. Tank responds that they are here to discuss business, expressing their desire to elevate their status in the tag team division. They propose picking a fight with a team that has achieved it all, and they challenge Gallus.

Gallus initially declines the challenge, with Mark stating that there are other teams eager to face Hank and Tank. However, Tank reiterates his challenge for a match next week.

Mark ultimately accepts the challenge, but Wolfgang advises them to learn to walk before they run.

In a different segment, Ava is in the hallway, addressing the escalating situation. She announces that Kiana and Roxanne will resolve their issues in a steel cage match at Deadline, setting the stage for an intense showdown.

As we return from commercial, Byron Saxton is in the ring with the five women who will compete in the Iron Survivor Challenge, with the winner earning a shot at the Women’s Title. Byron explains that they have discussed the rules for the summit.

Tiffany starts off by confidently asserting herself as the favorite to win on Saturday. She believes she is the most gifted, talented, and athletic superstar in the match. Tiffany mentions that even Charlotte Flair herself has acknowledged her as the future of the Women’s division. She emphasizes that she is the only one in the match who has been Women’s Champion before and predicts she will become a two-time champion.

Byron turns to Kelani Jordan and asks how she plans to win, given her limited experience.

Kelani acknowledges her relative lack of experience but highlights her preparation for this moment throughout her career. She believes she can set a pace that no one else can match during the 25-minute challenge.

Lash interjects, dismissing Kelani’s comments and questioning Tiffany’s claim of being the most athletic. She references Tiffany’s previous loss to Becky Lynch and her history with Noam Dar, emphasizing her strategy to force her opponents into the penalty box.

Kelani inquires about what will happen when she is placed in the penalty box.

Byron gives Blair an opportunity to speak, and she asserts her seriousness, stating that she doesn’t like anyone in the ring with her and won’t tolerate anyone trying to punk her.

Fallon speaks up, saying she doesn’t have any personal issues with Kelani but is determined to do whatever it takes to win. She expresses her intent to ride the momentum into Saturday.

Tiffany dismissively comments on Fallon’s chances, suggesting she has no chance of winning and questioning why a last chance match was wasted on her.

Lash reacts strongly to Tiffany’s remarks, causing tension to escalate.

Byron raises his voice, admonishing their behavior. Fallon takes matters into her own hands and slaps Tiffany. Byron wisely exits the ring as a brawl erupts among the participants, and the scene goes to a commercial break.

Axiom vs Nathan Frazer

In the match between Frazer and Axiom, both competitors initially miss their kicks, leading to a sequence of counterattacks. Axiom manages to execute a springboard arm drag but misses a subsequent dropkick. Frazer responds with a springboard moonsault, and Axiom counters with a snap mare. Frazer applies a head scissors, and Axiom impressively cartwheels to his feet. They exchange kicks simultaneously, causing both men to go down.

Frazer and Axiom engage in a hard-hitting exchange of punches and forearms. Axiom gains momentum with a clothesline against the ropes, but Frazer counters with a superkick. Frazer attempts a springboard move, but Axiom goes through the ropes to execute a German suplex. Axiom then comes off the turnbuckles but is met with a superkick, resulting in a near fall. Axiom sends Frazer to the floor and follows up with a double jump Asai moonsault onto Frazer on the outside.

However, the women involved in the earlier altercation make their way to the ring and begin brawling inside it, prompting the referee to call for the bell.

The match ends in a No Contest.

Blair exits the ring, but Nikkita Lyons arrives and kicks Blair.

Andre Chase addresses his students and acknowledges the serious allegations involving the misuse of university funds and gambling accusations. He takes responsibility as the founder of Chase University and admits to falling short of the university’s goals. Due to the ongoing investigation, Chase University is now on academic probation. Andre explains that students who enrolled after the scandal will not be eligible for financial aid.

Thea inquires about the amount of debt Chase owes, to which he reveals that it amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars. He resorted to using university assets and borrowing from an organization after losing all of his personal finances. Chase admits that he has put the university in a difficult situation but assures everyone that he will find a way to resolve it.

Various suggestions are made by students on how to help, including a bake sale, car wash, and a lecture on financial responsibility. Riley Osborne humorously suggests a lecture on financial responsibility, and Thea seems to have a new boyfriend in her mind.

In another scene, Carmelo Hayes is walking backstage when Trick Williams stops him and demands answers about what they saw earlier. Hayes insists that he is locked in and tells Trick they will talk after the match. Trick warns Hayes that this is his last chance.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Eddy Thorpe vs. Joe Coffey versus Tyler Bate in a Last Chance Iron Survivor Qualifying Match

In the match, Joe starts off with punches targeting Eddy’s ribs, but he misses a shoulder attack when Eddy evades. Eddy responds with a Saito suplex on Joe. Hayes seizes the opportunity for a roll-up pin on Eddy but only gets a near fall. Tyler Bate complains about Hayes pulling the tights.

Bayte delivers European uppercuts to Eddy, who responds with a back heel kick. Tyler follows up with a knee lift and a corkscrew European uppercut off the turnbuckles. Bate proceeds to perform an airplane spin on Eddy, but Joe intervenes. Bate doesn’t give up and carries Joe for an airplane spin as well, getting a near fall in the process.

Bate continues with a dropkick to Eddy, while Hayes delivers punches and forearms to Bate, finishing with a chop. Bate retaliates with a punch to Joe, who Irish whips him. Tyler with a knee lift to Joe, and he heads to the turnbuckles, attempting a European uppercut from there. However, Joe catches Tyler. Collectively, they execute a back body drop on Hayes, showcasing their teamwork. Joe swings Bate and hits a sit-out gourdbuster, but Thorpe intervenes with a roll-up on Joe. Hayes follows up with a springboard clothesline on Eddy, keeping the action fast-paced.

The match action continues with Thorpe attempting an O’Connor roll on Joe. Hayes follows up with a springboard clothesline on Eddy. Hayes then goes for a superplex on Eddy, but Eddy knocks him off the turnbuckles. Bate and Hayes both make their way to the turnbuckles, but Eddy knocks them off again. Joe charges at them, and Eddy delivers a crossbody, taking out both Bate and Hayes. Bate retaliates with an exploder on Joe, but Hayes hits a bicycle kick on Bate. Eddy counters with a spinebuster on Hayes, and all competitors are down. Joe has some words for everyone and Eddy punches him, followed by Hayes and Bate. They pass Joe around and take turns kicking him until Joe falls to the floor. Bate rolls up Hayes, and Eddy rolls up Bate, both for near falls. Hayes attempts an inside cradle on Eddy, but it’s still just a near fall.

Bate proceeds to deliver European uppercuts to both Hayes and Eddy. He blocks a dropkick attempt and tries to lock in a Boston Crab on Hayes. Hayes counters with a crossface on Eddy, and Bate transitions into an ankle lock on Hayes. Thorpe joins the action with a sleeper on Bate, and Hayes fights not to tap. Joe knocks Eddy and Bate down, and he Irish whips Bate before delivering a backbreaker to Hayes. Joe kicks Eddy in the ribs and follows up with an Irish whip and slam. He then hits an elbow drop from the turnbuckles and they all end up on the floor. Joe sends Bate into the ring steps, and Hayes executes a crossbody on Joe. Joe holds onto the ring post to avoid Hayes’s offense. Eddy delivers an elbow to Hayes and gets a near fall on Bate. Joe hits Eddy with a European uppercut. Joe misses a clothesline on Hayes, and Hayes counters with a double fadeaway. Thorpe attempts a dropkick on Hayes. Joe applies a waistlock, and Eddy delivers knees. Eddy executes a twisting crossbody on Joe and a German suplex on Hayes. Eddy follows up with a brainbuster on Bate for another near fall that is broken up by Joe.

Bate rolls to the floor, and Eddy punches and chops Joe. Eddy delivers kicks to Joe, who then goes to the floor. Eddy follows up with a suicide dive to Joe. He repeats the process with a suicide dive to Bate. Eddy charges at Joe, but Joe counters with a spinebuster onto the ring steps. The referee checks on Eddy and calls for medical assistance. Meanwhile, Hayes and Bate are left in the ring and exchange punches and forearms. Joe hits a missile dropkick on both of them, and he places Hayes on the turnbuckles. Joe delivers a forearm to Hayes’s lower back, and Hayes comes off the turnbuckles with a sunset flip on Joe, while Joe simultaneously hits a German suplex on Bate. Joe sends Hayes into Bate in the corner and follows up with a Glasgow Kiss to both Hayes and Bate. Hayes executes a gourdbuster on Joe onto Bate’s knee. Hayes then attempts a Codebreaker on Bate, resulting in another near fall, which Joe breaks up. Hayes connects with a superkick on Joe, but Joe retaliates with a Glasgow Kiss. Bate hits an uppercut on Joe, who counters with a European uppercut on Hayes. Bate concludes the match with his signature Tyler Driver 97, securing the three-count victory.

Winner: Tyler Bate

After the match, Bate acknowledges that the Iron Survivor Match is a unique challenge and declares that peace and tranquility are not on the agenda for Saturday.

Dijak takes advantage of the situation and attacks Eddy as he is being assisted to the back. Dijak instructs his associates to “take out the trash” and then addresses Tyler Bate. Dijak mocks Bate’s nickname, “Big Strong Boy,” and warns him that he has no chance at winning on Saturday.

Bron Breakker makes his entrance, stating that Hayes and Bate better hope he is the last entrant in the match because everyone else is going to the penalty box, which he considers the safest place to be.

Josh Briggs interrupts, telling Bron to come after him on Saturday and stating that he enjoys being underestimated. He confidently proclaims that he will shock the world at Deadline.

Bron dismissively responds, suggesting that anyone who believes that is “way stupider than you look.”

Trick Williams enters the ring and expresses his lack of interest in the situation. He vows to “whoop all these tricks” at Deadline.

Dijak interrupts Trick, accusing him of being fake. Trick punches Dijak, triggering a brawl among all the competitors in the ring. Security rushes in to try to separate them.

As the segment concludes, Ilja Dragunov and Baron Corbin are seen making their way to the back, setting the stage for their impending showdown at Deadline.

The show continues with Hayes seeking Ava’s assistance, and she agrees to help him.

Trick questions Hayes about whether he texted King to attack him. Hayes denies any involvement with King and assures Trick that he would never work with him. He emphasizes his determination to defeat King at Deadline and mentions that Ava is on board with their plans.

Trick confidently asserts that Melo will open the show at Deadline, while he will have the honor of closing it.

The card for Deadline is previewed, including Nathan Frazer vs. Axiom on the Kickoff Show.

In the ring, Ilja Dragunov and Baron Corbin engage in a heated exchange. Ilja confronts Baron for bringing his personal life into their rivalry, specifically mentioning his son and the sacrifices he made for him. Baron dismisses these sacrifices as excuses and provokes Ilja by questioning his decision to leave his family behind. Tensions rise as Ilja removes his jacket and tie, visibly seething with anger.

Ilja warns Baron about the consequences of his actions and threatens to hospitalize him if he unleashes his anger before their match. Baron retorts that he has never stopped striving for success and claims he will take what is rightfully his. He challenges Ilja to do something about it right then and there.

As the tension escalates, Baron sets up a table in the corner and offers Ilja the opportunity to take action. Ilja contemplates it but ultimately refrains, asserting that the only one who can destroy him is himself.

Before the situation intensifies further, the participants of the Iron Survivor Challenge, including Dijak, Bron, Trick, and Bate, rush to the ring and engage in a brawl. Security struggles to control the chaos.

The episode concludes with Dijak delivering elbows to Bron and Bron retaliating with a takedown. Bron also knees Tyler before spearing Trick through a table when Dijak sidesteps him. Bate takes care of Dijak, and the show ends with the chaotic scene.

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