In recent appearance on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast, WWE superstar Randy Orton opened up about his personal growth and the evolution of his wrestling career. Orton discussed his past behavior, the role of Triple H in his life, and his passion for interacting with fans, particularly children.

When asked about whether he felt like he was a “d*ck” at some point in his career, Orton candidly admitted to it, explaining that he used to behave that way as a form of armor. He believed that being an a**hole would earn him respect, though he now recognizes that it was not coming from a place of confidence but rather fear.

Orton expressed gratitude for the second, third, and fourth chances he received from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon during times of trouble. He credited Triple H as one of the individuals who helped him get back on track in life and commended Shawn Michaels for his personal evolution.

Regarding Triple H, Orton highlighted his intelligence in the wrestling business and emphasized the importance of family time, which has become more prominent in the industry. Orton mentioned that Triple H’s health scare made him realize the significance of spending time with loved ones and that the company now allows for more flexibility when it comes to important personal events like birthdays and anniversaries.


“He’s very smart with the business. If you have any questions with wrestling, you go to him and you’re gonna get a good answer…as far as a human being, I went to his wedding. I’ve kind of seen him evolve. He has three girls and his oldest girl is just a few years older than mine so we have that in common. I think recently for him because he had the health scare and everything, I think he realizes how important family time is and that’s one thing that has changed. Back in the day you were missing birthdays, you were missing anniversaries and you were missing holidays. There was really no either way about it [and] you weren’t going to ask for [time] off. Now there’s leniency there. Now, he’ll make sure that you can get home for the birth of your baby or he’ll make sure that you can get home for that birthday because he understands now how important that is. I think company-wide wide that’s been a change for the better.”

Orton also touched upon his involvement with the military and Tribute to the Troops shows, expressing deep respect and admiration for those who put their lives on the line for others. He spoke passionately about meeting Make-A-Wish kids and emphasized the positive impact he can have on children by taking a few moments to connect with them.

What do you think about Randy Orton acknowledgment of past behavior and his journey towards becoming a more compassionate and appreciative individual?

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