In a stunning turn of events, former WWE Tag Team Champion Doug Basham has officially called it quits on his illustrious wrestling career. The final showdown took place at the thrilling 2023 Great Lakes Championship Wrestling Blizzard Brawl extravaganza in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where Basham squared off against Kal Herro.

The bout marked the end of an era as Basham, renowned for his time in WWE and OVW, made the heartfelt announcement of his retirement from in-ring competition immediately following the intense showdown.

Doug Basham’s journey in the wrestling world began under the mentorship of the legendary Danny Davis, and he quickly rose to prominence in the glory days of Ohio Valley Wrestling. His heated rivalry with The Damaja preceded their partnership as The Basham Brothers, a duo that left an indelible mark on the WWE main roster.

During their storied career, The Basham Brothers claimed the prestigious WWE Tag Team Championships on two memorable occasions. Following their tenure in WWE, the talented pair made noteworthy appearances in TNA, solidifying their legacy in the wrestling world.


In a touching display of respect and sportsmanship, Doug Basham chose to put over Kal Herro, allowing him the honor of retiring a legend in the ring. This act of generosity exemplifies the true spirit of professional wrestling.

Beyond his in-ring endeavors, Doug Basham has transitioned into a role as a trainer and coach at OVW, where he continues to shape the future of the wrestling industry alongside Al Snow. His contributions have not gone unnoticed, and he even graced the screens of wrestling fans worldwide with his appearance on Netflix’s “The Wrestlers” show.

Ringside News extends its heartfelt congratulations to Doug Basham for a remarkable and successful in-ring career that will forever be etched in the annals of wrestling history.

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