Lisa Marie Varon, better known to WWE fans as Victoria, has recently expressed her interest in making a valuable contribution to the wrestling industry, particularly in helping younger talent develop their skills.

Although Varon made her return to the ring in January 2021 for the Women’s Royal Rumble match and had a one-off comeback appearance on the January 26, 2023, episode of IMPACT Wrestling, she has not wrestled since. However, her passion for wrestling remains as strong as ever, and she sees an opportunity to give back to the industry in a different capacity.

In an interview with Nathan Krogh for, Lisa Marie Varon revealed her eagerness to take on a backstage role in wrestling, highlighting her interest in becoming an agent or coach. She expressed that she doesn’t feel the need to prove anything further in her wrestling career and would prefer to support and mentor younger talent.

“When people say ‘Would you go back and wrestle?’… I would love to be an agent, a coach. I don’t have anything else to prove in wrestling. I would rather help the younger talent, you know. Character development or work the psychology of a match, that kind of stuff, like what Molly Holly does or what Gail Kim does, that kind of stuff. I don’t need to be on camera,” Varon stated.


At 52 years old, Varon recognizes the incredible talent that the current generation of wrestlers possesses and feels inspired to give back more to the industry. She mentioned that while she enjoys making appearances at Comic Cons and other events, her primary focus is on supporting and guiding the next generation of wrestling stars.

Lisa Marie Varon’s desire to contribute to the wrestling world in a mentoring and coaching capacity showcases her dedication to the industry and her commitment to helping aspiring talents succeed.

Mickie James, another prominent figure in the wrestling community, has previously voiced her support for Lisa Marie Varon’s induction into the WWE or IMPACT Hall of Fame, recognizing her significant contributions to the sport.

How do you feel about Lisa Marie Varon’s desire to take on a coaching and mentoring role in the wrestling industry? Do you think her experience and knowledge could be valuable in developing younger wrestling talent? Leave us a comment

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