WWE has a lot of money to throw around when they want to spend it. They recently inked a new deal with CM Punk, and while details of that deal haven’t been disclosed, the fact is that the company had no issue meeting his number, whatever it was. Now, we have an interesting new detail about when that trend of huge money contracts actually started.

Ringside News exclusively reported that Adam Copeland’s last WWE contract was a three-year deal worth $3 million per year. That being said, that isn’t considered a top deal in WWE anymore.

Edge’s contract with WWE, which pays him $3 million annually for a three-year duration with limited appearances, no longer stands out as a substantial agreement within the company. The compensation structure within WWE exceeds previous reports, offering substantial earnings to select top-tier talent.

A tenured member of the WWE team confirmed to Ringside News that this transformation in WWE’s compensation landscape predates Endeavor’s involvement. It was WWE’s rule of thumb to offer much larger deals, even before merger talks started.


Since we were told that, “This started before Endeavor,” that seems to indicate that the company was not affected by the UFC merger. In fact, any idea that Endeavor may increase WWE’s pay scale even more could be even better for the roster, considering the fact that WWE was already issuing massive deals, where $3 million per year is no longer considered the tip of their top-tier deals.

We will have to see if the most recent WWE contract numbers leak. We have seen salary lists from time to time, but it’s been a while since fans got a peek at those digits. It will be interesting to see how high those numbers are when they surface.

What’s your take on WWE offering talent so much money? Should they be paying their Superstars more? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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