MJF is AEW World Champion, and as one of AEW’s biggest stars, he has quite a lot of attention on him. He’s used to that spotlight, because he’s received national notoriety for throwing alcoholic drinks and giving the middle finger to children in the past. He also screamed at baby at a meet & greet until it burst into tears. There may also be signs that his act is wearing thin with the AEW locker room as well.

We previously reported that recent social activity may point toward there being some issues on the AEW roster. MJF may have rubbed people the wrong way with his recent post, and not in a good direction.

Kevin Nash opened up about this during his Kliq This podcast, where he stated that MJF may have lost some favor within the AEW locker room. Nash stated that it’s hard to look at MJF and not think that he’s a “dick” in real life, even if he isn’t. Then he stated that he’s certain that members of the AEW locker room may say that he is.

“MJF came over, and we’re talking, and I think he’s super over, which I kinda think he’s a dick, which is great, but you have to think that there’s no way that this guy isn’t a dick.”


I’m sure that there are a lot of guys in the locker room, cause he’s getting pushed, who would say ‘yeah (he’s a dick)’ and he’s also holding them down. He would have been a good Kliq guy.”

MJF told Kevin Nash that he’s a “huge fan” of his and he “went out of his way” to speak with Nash as well. Nash said that MJF doing his Dean Martin act by crooning away on microphone to some old rat pack songs is his “cup of tea” as well.

We will have to see if any more reports come out about MJF having any sort of heat in the AEW locker room. It seems that recent social media activity alludes to that. We also have Kevin Nash, who has seen a lot in his career, have the natural assumption that there could be people on the AEW roster who aren’t thrilled about the Salt of the Earth right now.

What’s your take on MJF in AEW? Do you think he’s a jerk in real life, or do you think he’s actually a really nice guy and there are no issues with him in the AEW locker room right now? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section!

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