AEW is for everyone, but don’t bring your kids around MJF.

MJF recently received some flack from an upset father. This dad brought his 7-year-old son to C2E2 so he could meet AEW stars. Then the kid ended up with a middle finger in his face from the Salt Of The Earth.

The kid started crying and memes were made. Cody Rhodes responded essentially saying that the father should have known what he was getting himself into with Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

DISCLAIMER: if you have a meet/greet or inquire media wise for MJF, you’ll get MJF. Talent have freedom of expression, so please don’t think anybody is going to act any different than they do on tv


TMZ has now picked up the story. They even posted clip from a while ago to illustrate how MJF isn’t afraid of screaming in a child’s face.

MJF also provided a statement for TMZ when questioned about this event: “F*ck them kids.”

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