WWE surprised everyone when they worked out a deal for CM Punk’s return at the last minute before Survivor Series. Now the Second City Savior is back in WWE, and that raises questions about his wife, AJ Lee.

CM Punk delivered his first promo on WWE Monday Night Raw after his comeback at Survivor Series. In his speech, Punk emphasized personal change and his desire to reaffirm his status as the best in the world. He also made mention of his wife, April, known as AJ Lee, which led to speculation about her potential return to WWE.

AJ Lee’s WWE journey began in 2009 when she joined FCW and later NXT before ascending to the main roster in 2011. During her tenure, she captured the Divas Championship three times, holding the title for a total of 406 days. After leaving WWE in 2015 due to health reasons, AJ Lee ventured into various projects, including comic book work and authoring her biography in 2017. She briefly participated in the relaunch of WOW Wrestling before her departure.

PW Insider reported that AJ Lee is currently not in any WWE plans. Right now, that mention of her in CM Punk’s promo was just a nod to his wife, someone that the WWE Universe just happens to love.


Punk mentioned his wife, April aka AJ Lee during his promo.  Right now there has been no discussion of her coming in.  She retired years ago for health reasons and has carved out a successful writing career for herself, but one has to think that a cameo appearance or so down the line wouldn’t be out of the question, especially since there are so many talents in the company today who have praised her work as influencing their careers.

Despite the speculation that followed Punk’s move to AEW, there is currently no indication of AJ Lee returning to the wrestling scene, similar to the situation in the past. We will have to see if that changes, because crazier things have happened in WWE.

Bayley posted a photo of herself with CM Punk and AJ Lee last night. This certainly gives the indication that AJ Lee may be closer to the WWE roster than some think.

What’s your take on AJ Lee’s possible WWE return? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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