CM Punk’s monumental return to WWE has sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling industry, and it appears to have had some behind-the-scenes repercussions, especially in AEW.

In terms of which WWE brand Punk will be working on, while there has been speculation about him being a “free agent” able to work on both RAW and SmackDown, the current plan is for him to be part of the Monday Night RAW roster.

Punk’s surprise return at Survivor Series has also thrown a wrench into WWE’s plans for the post-Survivor Series episode of RAW, according to Fightful Select. With much of the episode already written before Punk’s comeback, there will likely be significant last-minute rewrites to accommodate his return and set the stage for his future in WWE.

As the wrestling world adjusts to the seismic impact of CM Punk’s return, fans can expect further developments and surprises in the coming weeks.


How do you think CM Punk’s return to WWE will impact the wrestling landscape, especially in terms of competition between WWE and AEW? Are you excited to see Punk back in WWE, and what kind of role do you hope he plays in the company? Share your thoughts and predictions on the future of CM Punk in WWE and its effects on the wrestling industry!

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