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AEW Collision Lineup (11/17/2023):

  • Miro vs. Daniel Garcia
  • Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander vs. Saraya & Ruby Soho
  • Dax Harwood vs. Rush

AEW Collision Results (11/17/2023):

The opening segment of The Collision unfolded. Fireworks lit up the stage, and Kevin Kelly extended greetings to the audience while mentioning his commentary partner, Nigel McGuinness. Kelly then handed the mic over to Tony Schiavone, who was present inside the ring.

Schiavone proceeded to introduce TNT Champion Christian Cage, accompanied by Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne.


Cage expressed his perspective, noting the importance of having someone who speaks the truth in a city filled with phony, superficial individuals. He emphasized that the fans would witness Sting’s last match in Los Angeles and his final bout at Full Gear.

In a candid statement, Cage mentioned his weariness of people labeling Sting as an icon and accused him of essentially collecting a paycheck for the past fifteen years. He pondered the future of Darby Allin once his mentor hangs up his boots, suggesting that Allin could seek his guidance if needed.

Cage confirmed with Schiavone that Ric Flair would be in the corner of the babyfaces at Full Gear, humorously comparing Flair’s appearance to that of the Crypt Keeper. He also accused Adam Copeland of trying to steal his spotlight under the guise of reforming their tag team, expressing his frustration at being in the shadows while Copeland received special treatment. Cage challenged Copeland to prove whose career path was more successful and ominously declared his intent to break Copeland’s neck at Full Gear.

Shifting gears, Schiavone directed the conversation toward Cage defending the TNT Title on Rampage against the winner of a four-way on Collision. Cage exuded confidence, asserting that it didn’t matter which wrestler emerged victorious in the four-way, as he believed he could defeat any of them. This confidence was met with a chant from the audience, and Cage vowed to do just that. He referenced his “good friend James Harden” and quoted him, emphasizing that he doesn’t work within the system; he is the system.

While the segment effectively built anticipation for the six-man tag match at Full Gear, it fell short in promoting the TNT Title match for later in the evening, as Cage didn’t mention his potential opponents by name.

In another segment, Lexi Nair conducted an interview with AEW Tag Team Champions Ricky Starks and Big Bill. Bill brought up the fact that they didn’t need to be pinned or submit in the four-way match at Full Gear, revealing that Starks had a conversation with Tony Khan about it. Starks disclosed that Khan had allowed him to choose the stipulation for the match, which would be a ladder match, with Starks confident that it would be a brief ascent for Bill.

The show then proceeded with the entrances for the opening match.

Miro vs. Daniel Garcia

Schiavone joined the commentary team as the action unfolded. Miro dominated the early stages of the match, leading into a picture-in-picture commercial break. During the break, Garcia endured a suplex on the floor, but upon returning, he began to mount a comeback, only for Miro to halt his momentum with a powerful kick.

As Garcia attempted to regain control, he executed a suplex on Miro and prepared to perform his celebratory dance for the camera. However, Matt Menard appeared at ringside and persuaded Garcia not to go through with it. Seizing the opportunity, Miro charged at Garcia, who evaded the attack and pushed Miro into Menard. Garcia nearly scored a pinfall and subsequently locked Miro in a crossface, but Miro managed to escape.

In a thrilling countermove, Miro grabbed Garcia and drove his head into the mat repeatedly, showcasing his strength and technique. Miro then declared “game over” to Garcia and applied the Game Over submission hold, ultimately securing the victory.

In the end, Miro emerged victorious over Daniel Garcia.

In a backstage interview with Lexi Nair, Andrade El Idolo and CJ Perry shared their thoughts. Andrade expressed his contentment with having Perry as his manager. Perry, in turn, praised Andrade as the finest wrestler. She surprised Andrade by revealing that he would be participating in the Continental Classic tournament. Andrade was taken aback by the news.

Perry explained that she had discussed this opportunity with Tony Khan and, in the event that Andrade emerged victorious, he would receive an additional bonus. She leaned in to whisper something in Andrade’s ear, prompting him to smile and express his trust in her. They sealed their agreement with a handshake, setting the stage for what lay ahead. The segment then transitioned to a commercial break.

Kings of the Black Throne” Malakai Black and Brody King vs. “The Boys” Brandon Tate and Brent Tate

In a match that was not televised, “The Boys” made their entrance while sporting peculiar masks, a new addition that had originated in ROH. The contest was predominantly controlled by Black and King, with King delivering a Gonzo Bomb to one of “The Boys” and securing a clean pinfall victory.

As a result, Malakai Black and Brody King emerged triumphant over “The Boys,” consisting of Brandon Tate and Brent Tate.

A video package provided a spotlight on the upcoming TBS Title match at Full Gear, featuring Kris Statlander, Julia Hart, and Skye Blue. All three competitors briefly shared their thoughts and anticipation for the match.

Inside the arena, ring announcer Dasha took the stage to deliver the introductions for the upcoming four-way match, setting the stage for the exciting bout.

Trent Beretta vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Komander vs. Brian Cage (w/Prince Nana) for a shot at the TNT Title on AEW Rampage

Nana displayed the effects of his jaw injury sustained from the beating administered by Hangman Page on Dynamite as the wrestlers made their entrances. Komander delighted the crowd with an early dive, eliciting cheers from the audience.

A bit later, Komander climbed the ropes, but Cage swiftly knocked him down. Cage then executed a suplex, sending Komander from outside the middle rope and onto both their opponents on the floor, showcasing his strength and agility. As the match continued, Cage maintained the upper hand against Komander in the ring as the action progressed toward another picture-in-picture commercial break.

Kevin Kelly made a humorous comment, suggesting that it would likely be a “Cage vs. Cage” encounter (implying it wouldn’t be), and he clarified that the two competitors named Cage are not related in any way. The action continued with Beretta showcasing his strength by executing suplexes on Komander and Penta, but his attempt to suplex Cage was thwarted. Beretta, undeterred, managed to bring Cage down with a Poison Rana. Cage quickly rebounded, delivering a devastating clothesline that turned Beretta inside out. He also sold the impact of the Poison Rana for a brief moment.

Cage targeted Komander next, hitting him with a Facebuster and nearly securing a pinfall, which was interrupted by Penta’s timely kick. Penta then embarked on an offensive onslaught against all three opponents, nearly pinning Beretta after executing his signature “Made in Japan” move. However, Penta had to release his finisher attempt to address the other competitors.

Penta didn’t hold back, performing a flip dive from the ring to the floor, targeting Cage. Komander also joined the high-flying action, executing a dive onto Penta. Back in the ring, Komander’s top rope dive attempt was foiled as Beretta moved out of the way. Beretta capitalized on the situation, hitting a move on Komander and securing a clean pinfall victory shortly thereafter.

As a result, Trent Beretta emerged victorious in the match, which also featured Komander, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Brian Cage.

A video clip was shown, highlighting the intense moment when Powerhouse Hobbs slammed Paul Wight onto the hood of a car during the street fight on AEW Rampage.

In a backstage interview with Lexi Nair, Don Callis and Powerhouse Hobbs discussed the aftermath of the brutal encounter. Callis confidently declared that Wight was finished after enduring the car slam. Hobbs proudly claimed responsibility for taking down the giant and asserted, “I’m big, I’m Black, and I’m jacked.” He went on to mention that he was aware of Wight’s hospitalization, concluding with a warning for Wight to stay away because nobody was exempt from his wrath.

Wardlow vs. Evan Daniels

In a swift and dominant display, Wardlow attacked Daniels by surprise, initiating with a powerbomb. Following up with a Swanton Bomb, Wardlow continued his relentless assault, powerbombing Daniels once more. However, before he could further punish Daniels, the referee intervened and called off the match for Daniels’ safety.

As a result, Wardlow secured a victory over Evan Daniels, with the match ending via referee stoppage after just one minute of intense action. Following this, the broadcast team proceeded to run through the Full Gear lineup, providing fans with a preview of the upcoming matches for the event.

The AEW Tag Team Champions, Ricky Starks and Big Bill, made their grand entrance into the arena, ready to showcase their championship prowess. Following their entrance, the entrances for the highly anticipated Dax Harwood vs. Rush match began, setting the stage for what promised to be an exciting showdown.

Dax Harwood (w/Cash Wheeler) vs. Rush (w/Dralistico, Preston Vance, Jose)

Ricky Starks assumed his position on commentary, while Big Bill stood tall behind him. As the match between Dax Harwood and Rush commenced, Harwood extended a sportsmanlike handshake, but Rush swiftly kicked his hand away, igniting a brief exchange of pushes and shoves between the two competitors.

Rush gained the upper hand, putting Harwood down with a kick. Harwood managed to evade Rush’s running senton attempt. Rush then proceeded to run Harwood into the barricades on all four sides of the ring before playing to the enthusiastic crowd. Back inside the ring, Rush delivered a resounding chop to Harwood, who retaliated by spinning Rush into the corner and delivering his own chops in response. The two wrestlers continued to exchange fierce chops.

Rush managed to get Harwood down in the corner and teased hitting him with his finishing move. However, Harwood covered up, and Rush stopped short, striking his trademark tranquilo pose as the action transitioned to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Shortly thereafter, Rush forcefully rammed Harwood into the ring post, inflicting further damage. Rush then approached Ricky Starks at the broadcast table and insolently shoved him, displaying his contempt. Upon returning to the ring, Rush found Harwood down in the corner and began playing to the crowd. He then charged towards Harwood, aiming to execute his Bull’s Horns finisher. However, Ricky Starks intervened with a sudden and impactful spear, disrupting Rush’s momentum.

In response to this unexpected interference, Tony Schiavone announced that Tony Khan had ruled the match a no-contest. Consequently, the bout between Rush and Dax Harwood ended in a no-contest decision due to the outside interference by Ricky Starks.

Following the match, chaos ensued as all the wrestlers slated for the four-way ladder match became embroiled in a massive brawl. Amid the chaos, Brody King and Big Bill locked eyes at ringside, simultaneously retrieving a ladder from beneath the ring. They engaged in a tug-of-war over the ladder until Dralistico intervened, kicking the ladder and disrupting their struggle.

As the tension escalated, security personnel rushed to the scene, attempting to maintain order and separate the warring factions, preventing the situation from spiraling out of control.

In a backstage interview with Lexi Nair, she inquired about an update on Darius Martin following an attack by The Kingdom. However, before Action Andretti could provide the update, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett rolled Roderick Strong onto the interview set. Bennett commented that Martin had a bruised ego and a vulnerable neck.

Taven added some mockery by joking about Andretti’s “Gen Z bowl cut.” Andretti began to respond in kind until Roderick Strong interjected, exclaiming, “Action!” Strong directed his attention toward Taven and Bennett, declaring that he had found his next target, setting the stage for a future confrontation.

Buddy Matthews vs. Wheeler Yuta

Both wrestlers had their entrances televised for the audience to witness. Early in the match, Yuta taunted Matthews by extending his leg and encouraging him to grab it while Matthews was on his knees. Matthews attempted to grab Yuta’s leg but was unsuccessful on two occasions. In response, Yuta executed a dropkick that sent Matthews to the ringside area. Yuta followed him to the floor but found himself being thrown into the barricade.

Their battle continued onto the barricade, with Matthews gaining the upper hand and ultimately tossing Yuta onto the side of the broadcast table as the action transitioned into a picture-in-picture commercial break.

The intense battle continued with both wrestlers fighting on the apron. Matthews initially seemed poised to suplex Yuta off the apron but changed his strategy, opting to hurl him onto the top turnbuckle instead.

Undeterred, Yuta mounted a comeback, connecting with a series of kicks while perched on the top rope. He positioned Matthews over the middle rope and, from the top rope, leaped off with a splash to Matthews’ back, covering him for a two-count. However, Matthews rallied with a couple of well-placed kicks and executed a powerbomb for another near fall. He followed up with a Stomp, securing the pinfall victory.

Buddy Matthews emerged victorious over Wheeler Yuta.

Following the match, Matthews retrieved a chair from ringside, signaling his intent to cause further damage. However, Claudio Castagnoli rushed to the ring and entered, prompting Matthews to remain outside the ring. Castagnoli grabbed a microphone and expressed his frustration with Matthews, declaring that he had been irritating him for several weeks. He then challenged Matthews to face him at Full Gear. Matthews indicated his acceptance of the challenge, setting the stage for an anticipated showdown.

A video package provided an overview of the upcoming clash between Orange Cassidy and Jon Moxley for the AEW International Championship. Following the package, the entrances for the women’s tag team match commenced.

During this time, Tony Schiavone informed the audience that the Castagnoli vs. Matthews match would be held on the pre-show, setting the expectations for the event lineup.

AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida and TBS Champion Kris Statlander vs. Saraya and Ruby Soho

Tony Schiavone made a reference to Angelo Parker “pitching woo” for Soho lately, a phrase that garnered some playful ribbing from Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. They poked fun at Schiavone for using a term that they deemed to be from the 1940s.

As the women’s match unfolded, Julia Hart was depicted watching it on a backstage television, while Skye Blue was observed doing the same elsewhere on a different television. Saraya and Soho worked together to isolate Shida as the action progressed, leading into a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Back in the ring, Kris Statlander hoisted Soho onto her shoulders after tagging in Hikaru Shida. Soho countered with a Poison Rana on Statlander, but Shida responded with a missile dropkick to Soho. Saraya then tagged in, and after a series of exchanges, Shida knocked Soho off the apron. Saraya capitalized on the moment by catching Shida with a kick and executing a DDT, earning a near fall.

At ringside, Ruby Soho was down, and Angelo Parker came to her aid. Saraya was visibly irritated by this distraction. Statlander took action by clotheslining Parker and preventing Soho from reentering the ring. Meanwhile, in the ring, Shida delivered her Kitana kick to Saraya and subsequently pinned her for the victory.

In this tag team match, AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida and TBS Champion Kris Statlander emerged victorious over Saraya and Ruby Soho.

Following the match, Tony Schiavone conducted a sit-down interview with AEW World Champion MJF. MJF, in his characteristic style, humorously referred to Schiavone as a “fat old prick” while expressing gratitude for the interview. He emphasized his determination to retain the ROH Tag Team Titles and fulfill his promise to Adam Cole.

MJF underscored the significance of the AEW World Championship to him, recalling his anger when Jay White stole the title. He recognized similarities between himself and White, suggesting that White took the belt to prove something to himself. MJF declared White would lose because nobody could match his level of cunning.

Schiavone noted that Full Gear marked one year since MJF won the AEW World Championship and inquired about his chances of keeping both that title and the ROH Tag Titles in the same night. MJF expressed his pride and raised questions about likelihood.

MJF provocatively asked about the likelihood of his mother conceiving him after using a new diaphragm. He also questioned the likelihood of a Jewish wrestler becoming a world champion, asserting that the odds were slim to none. However, he concluded by stating that he relished those odds and believed in his own abilities, much to the chagrin of his detractors, particularly Jay White.

AEW Rampage Results (11/17/2023):

The Rampage episode began with its opening sequence. Chris Jericho, accompanied by his entrance theme “Judas,” made his way to the commentary table, joining Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness as a commentator for the evening.

Ring announcer Dasha introduced the competitors, signaling the start of the TNT Title match and setting the stage for the upcoming championship bout.

Christian Cage (w/Luchasaurus, Nick Wayne) vs. Trent Beretta for the TNT Championship

In the early stages of the match, Cage unleashed a slap on Beretta and proceeded to assert his dominance. However, Beretta countered with a leaping meteora, temporarily turning the tide in his favor. Cage rolled out of the ring, prompting Beretta to take to the skies with a daring crossbody block, targeting Cage on the arena floor.

Upon returning to the ring, Cage resorted to underhanded tactics by using the referee as a shield while Nick Wayne, who was on the apron, took a cheap shot at Beretta. Seizing the opportunity, Cage sent Beretta crashing through the ropes and into the ring post, resulting in Beretta falling to the floor just as the action transitioned into a picture-in-picture commercial break.

In the midst of their intense battle, Beretta managed to catch Cage with a spear through the ropes, momentarily shifting the momentum in his favor. However, Cage swiftly evaded a tornado DDT attempt from Beretta and responded with a powerful fulcrum kick in the corner. Cage then positioned himself on the top rope, intending to capitalize on his advantage, but Beretta fought back, striking him and even resorting to biting his forehead. Beretta followed up with a huracanrana and covered Cage for a near fall.

Despite Beretta’s resurgence, Cage mounted a brief comeback and set up for a spear, only to be caught by Beretta’s knee strike. Beretta executed a tornado DDT and made a pinfall attempt, coming close to securing the victory. He then attempted the Strong Zero move that had won him the four-way match on a previous occasion, but Cage displayed his resilience by kicking out.

Cage retreated to the apron, where Luchasaurus distracted Beretta from the opposite side of the ring. Seizing the opportunity, Cage wrenched Beretta’s neck over the top rope and stomped on the back of his neck. Chris Jericho noted that Cage had previously vowed to break Adam Copeland’s neck and suggested that he might do the same to Beretta. Cage ran Beretta into the middle turnbuckle and then executed the Killswitch, pinning Beretta to successfully retain the TNT Championship.

Christian Cage emerged victorious over Trent Beretta to retain his TNT Championship.

Following the match, Luchasaurus celebrated with Cage by hoisting him onto his shoulders, and Nick Wayne joined in the post-match festivities.

The broadcast then featured promotion for AEW’s daily fantasy sports partner, followed by an advertisement from the DFS site during the commercial break.

At ringside, Chris Jericho rose from his seat at the broadcast table to deliver a brief promo, hyping up his upcoming tag team match with Kenny Omega against The Young Bucks. Jericho acknowledged The Young Bucks as one of the greatest tag teams globally but emphasized that they were not Kenny Omega and certainly not him. In classic Jericho fashion, he referred to himself as “The Demo God” and “Le Champion,” setting the stage for their highly anticipated match.

Following Jericho’s promo, Emi Sakura made her entrance, and she was soon joined by Toni Storm, who made her entrance clad in black and white attire, ready for their match.

Toni Storm (w/Luther) vs. Emi Sakura

Once Toni Storm was inside the ring, the color returned to the broadcast. Storm handed Emi Sakura a script, but Sakura promptly tore it up, rejecting the scripted approach. This led to Sakura launching an attack on Storm, gaining offensive control. However, Storm managed to regroup and knocked Sakura off the apron with a hip attack.

In an unusual turn of events, Luther, who was at ringside, picked up Storm and gently placed her down on the floor, where she continued her assault on Sakura. Luther then placed Storm on his shoulders as she played to the crowd before setting her back on the apron. Sakura seized the opportunity, knocking Storm off the apron and delivering a running crossbody block against the ring steps, intensifying the action as it entered a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Emi Sakura delivered a tiger driver, attempting to secure a pinfall, but Toni Storm managed to kick out, keeping the match going. Sakura followed up with a backbreaker, once again earning a two-count. However, Storm fought back, and as she delivered her hip attack in the corner, the camera shifted to black and white.

The black and white effect persisted as Storm executed her finishing move, the Storm Zero piledriver, leading to a three-count and her victory over Emi Sakura.

Following the match, the black and white aesthetic returned for Toni Storm’s post-match celebration.

In a backstage segment, Renee Paquette interviewed ROH Champion Eddie Kingston, Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, Satnam Singh, and Sonjay Dutt. Paquette noted that physicality was anticipated among them.

Jay Lethal informed Eddie Kingston that he had just one day left as ROH Champion and revealed that Stokely Hathaway had made it official: Lethal would challenge Kingston for the ROH Championship on the Full Gear pre-show. Kingston questioned why Lethal was speaking in a similar manner to the others in his group.

Kingston challenged Lethal to look into his eyes, emphasizing that he shouldn’t become a coward like the others. He taunted the heels and mocked their claim that he had no friends. As the heels departed, Kingston turned around, only to find Ortiz standing in front of him, setting up a potentially intriguing encounter.

Tony Schiavone built anticipation by hyping the mystery individual set to sign with AEW at Full Gear, using the same terminology as Tony Khan did in his tweet.

Roderick Strong was then wheeled down the ramp by Matt Taven and Mike Bennett. Upon reaching ringside, Strong rose from his wheelchair and entered the ring, where he had his neck brace removed. Following Strong’s entrance and preparation, Action Andretti made his way to the ring, although his arrival elicited a somewhat subdued reaction from the audience.

Roderick Strong (w/Matt Taven, Mike Benett) vs. Action Andretti

The referee took action by commencing the match after Roderick Strong’s attack on Action Andretti. However, Andretti wasted no time in mounting a comeback. During the course of the match, there was an awkward moment when Strong slipped off the shoulders of Andretti, and this was followed by an equally awkward roll into a pinning attempt, resulting in a two-count.

Andretti managed to regain control and executed a sit-out slam, nearly securing a pinfall victory just before the action transitioned into another picture-in-picture commercial break.

In the typical heel fashion, Roderick Strong slowed down the pace during the commercial break, allowing Action Andretti to begin his comeback upon the return. Andretti executed a springboard splash on the floor, followed by an attempt at a Spanish Fly that didn’t go smoothly. Dr. Sampson entered the ring to check on Roderick Strong, and the cameras panned out, suggesting that there might be legitimate concern for Strong’s well-being rather than just part of his gimmick.

After receiving the go-ahead to continue, Roderick Strong quickly wrapped up the match with an End of Heartache, securing the pinfall victory over Action Andretti.

Following the match, Renee Paquette conducted an interview with Jay White backstage. They discussed the identity of “the Devil,” and White asserted that it was MJF. White also dismissed the notion that he and MJF were similar, considering it another trick Max was trying to sell.

While White was talking about his vision for his championship reign, MJF suddenly attacked him, sparking a brawl that spilled into the hallway. They were briefly joined by Juice Robinson before The Gunns appeared. MJF grabbed the championship belt and was about to use it as a weapon against White when Austin and Colten Gunn intervened, taking the belt away. They held MJF in place for Jay White to strike him with the title. However, the situation took an unexpected turn as Samoa Joe made a surprise appearance.

Samoa Joe rushed to the ring, causing BCG (The Gunn Club and Jay White’s group) to retreat. Joe cornered a wary-looking MJF and offered his hand, much to the disagreement of Switchblade and his associates. Despite their protests, the crowd at the Kia Forum urged Joe to shake MJF’s hand. Max eventually accepted the handshake, suggesting a partnership for Zero Hour and a potential World title defense for MJF if he wins the main event at Full Gear.

The broadcast concluded after providing an updated card rundown, signaling the end of the show, with a Countdown show on TNT to follow.

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