WWE history is full of larger than life personalities who tried their best to entertain fans, however they can accomplish that feat. Even in death, some legends are seeing their name brought into controversial subjects. Emotions can also run high in the process.

Paul Heyman and Ric Flair have had a notable disagreement. Prior to WWE SummerSlam, Heyman and Roman Reigns made an appearance on ESPN to promote the event. During the interview, Stephen A. Smith posed a question to Heyman, inquiring about his managerial abilities in comparison to Bobby Heenan’s.

In case you need refresher, Paul Heyman said, “I’m the GOAT. Screw [Bobby Heenan], he’s dead. Jimmy Hart is still alive, which proves God doesn’t answer my prayers.” That statement didn’t go over very well with a few fans, and Ric Flair wasn’t happy, either.

While speaking to Wrestling Observer Radio, Ric Flair unloaded on Paul Heyman’s comments. He didn’t think it was funny, and the comment was also “stupid” as the Nature Boy saw it.


“I know Dangerously [Heyman] was being funny on TV, but he was on First Take and Stephen A goes, ‘what did you think of Bobby Heenan?’ [Heyman] goes, ‘Ah, he’s dead. Who cares.’ Everybody goes, ‘That’s to get heat.’ It got heat with me. The answer is, ‘Yeah, he’s the greatest of all time.’ It didn’t get over with me at all. He’s just being a heel. Be a heel on me. Don’t say something stupid about somebody who is the greatest of all time.”

Bobby Heenan drew a ton of heat throughout his career, and so has Paul Heyman. The Bloodline’s Wise Man certainly had a controversial take on where he stands among the greatest ever, and he picked some triggering words in the process.

We will have to see if anyone else chimes in to speak their mind on this subject. Bobby Heenan’s memory hasn’t faded in the years since his passing, and Ric Flair may have his own opinion on the greatest of all time conversation.

What’s your take on Bobby Heenan and how Paul Heyman stacks up in the greatest of all time conversation? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Felix Upton

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