AEW lets their talent do their own thing to a certain degree. That being said, there are limits, and apparently, the company isn’t opposed to fining wrestlers over infractions, no matter who they are.

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During the AEW WrestleDream Zero Hour show, Jon Moxley said some dirty words, and he apparently paid for it. Later on, Jon Moxley joined Wheeler Yuta for his match against Ricky Starks, and he had a surprising thing to say.

Jon Moxley stated that he was fined for the language that he used during the AEW WrestleDream Zero Hour show. He then said that he needed to watch what he had to say on microphone. This was followed by Mox dropping an S-Bomb anyway. After Starks beat Yuta, Moxley also stuck around for the Bryan Danielson and Zack Sabre Jr. match.


This isn’t the only fine that AEW has handed down due to profanity. If you remember, Saraya was fined for calling fans a bunch of “neckbeard stinky tw*ts.” At least they put that money to good use. Only time will tell how AEW uses the money from Moxley’s latest fine.

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H Jenkins

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