The pro wrestling world can be a litigious place. We have seen many headlines about lawsuits and other legal action. Kemonito has left CMLL, and it appears that he is taking the company to court.

Kemonito is taking legal action against his former employer. He announced his departure from CMLL during a press conference on September 25th, after a nearly 20-year career with the promotion. In addition to his departure, Kemonito revealed that he intends to retain the trademark for the Kemonito name.

During a press conference, Kemonito opened up about ths situation. He plans on securing his name, and he went into the ordeal in great detail.

“Good afternoon. Well, we are here present, as I told you through my networks to clarify everything, because through my networks I have been insulted as well as supported. And the great thing is that I have received more support. Then the threats and everything that is said. In part, I want to clarify, that the only thing I want is to be repaid what is owed to me, my Patrimonial Rights That I am entitled to, and, above all, many have insisted to me that why I fight the character of the character is of CMLL. From the beginning, the character was made by me. The character was given to me as just a drawing, and I was told to take it, make it, put it together, just these colors they wanted.”


“Since then, I have designed, cut, sewed my costume, and made all my masks. I even have a record of the souvenirs that are of my toys. I also have to say that the name was given not by the council (CMLL), but by Dr. Alfredo Morales, who was the one who said Ay, look how cute (que monito) he looks when he kicks, how nice is dancing and how I …. And it stayed, Kemonito.”

“That is why the name is like that, and the only thing I want to reiterate to all those who attack me is that I do not fight anything that is not mine. I told everyone once, that I don’t want anything more than what is mine and I do things because I like them. And even more when I work for the children and for the people who follow me, I try to do the best I can so that they follow me, following me everywhere. That’s all I can tell them.”

Following the lengthy press conference, CMLL issued a statement confirming the departure of Juarez Rosales. They emphasized their commitment to the welfare of the promotion’s staff and mentioned that Kemonito’s departure was a result of his contract expiring. Their statement was quite lengthy, which you can find below.

“CMLL is sorry that Mr. Jesus Juarez Rosales, the person behind the character of Kemonito & other characters in Mexican Wrestling, has made the decision to separate himself from what has been his home for over 20 years under these conditions.

During the time that Mr. Juarez Rosales has collaborated with the promotion, we have been able to achieve the compromises established in our relationship. The company is compromised with maintaining the well-being of everyone in the team & guarantees worthy conditions for everyone that forms part of this great family. Inclusion & respect have been values that have distinguished the company as “serious & stable”.

Even though he never did it in a formal manner, Mr. Juarez Rosales manifested his desire to retire, which we were open to; however, as Mr. Juarez Rosales pointed out in different mediums throughout the years, the company has intellectual property of the brand (Kemonito), as we informed him, and that the character would continue to be one of the favorites of the CMLL fanbase, who have always embraced as one of their favorites.

Prior to the expiry of his contract, the company informed Mr. Juarez Rosales of our interest in continuing with a renewal and, despite the lack of response, we have maintained open doors to continue negotiations with Mr. Juarez Rosales & his legal team, who have been in our offices repeatedly.

We reiterate that we maintain our position so that we resolve this issue in the best terms for both parties, going further than the financial interests of third parties that look to benefit from the situation.

Via this medium, we categorically reject the way they have tried to influence public opinion with false declarations, and we do not agree with the threats made by third parties against the institution, the personnel & the facilities. We will proceed by following the legal route in complete accordance with the right at all times. “

We will have to see what happens in this situation. There can be multiple sides to every story, especially in professional wrestling. Hopefully, everyone can find a solution that works well for them.

CMLL might have lost a star, but it appears that they may face some legal action in the future. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more on this story, and so many more in the pro wrestling world.

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