Ryback has a bone to pick with a lot of things, and he doesn’t appreciate stories going around about him that are not true. Thankfully, The Big Guy was able to clear up another one of those stories going around about him.

Ryback has already debunked stories of him having heat while he was with WWE. The truth is, that as Ryback saw it, everyone liked him, and he still has many friends he made while in the company.

Ryback still believes that WWE was recording and listening in on hidden microphones that were all around the building, a theory he put to the test on many occasions in humorous fashion. His social media has been very active, especially in recent memory, as he still connects with fans. He also sets the record straight about things occasionally.

Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho had a backstage skirmish after Randy Orton was busted open the hard way thanks to the Beast Incarnate’s elbow strikes. That story is very true, and has been backed up several times. Stories about Brock Lesnar and Ryback having an altercation are apparently not as fact-checked.


During a recent YouTube video, Ryback addressed a story that Brock Lesnar gave him a black eye during a backstage locker room altercation. The Big Guy called out Michael Hayes for floating that story to Dave Meltzer, and he claims it’s not true at all.

“In 2012, someone in WWE leaked out that Brock Lesnar had attacked me in a backstage alteration and gave me a black eye. I’m here today to say that it was an absolute lie, and we found out later that it was ‘doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot’ Michael PS Hayes, who told Dave Meltzer that lie, with WWE trying to hurt my creditability for their fan base, but failed they miserably.”

Ryback then played the actual video from WWE of what happened to cause that black eye. It had nothing to do with anything that took place backstage, because it happened in the ring instead.

It’s nice that Ryback was able to clear this rumor up. You can’t believe everything you hear, but it adds a lot of clarity and validity when we hear it from Ryback himself.

Ryback is healing up and seemingly eager to step back in the ring. He is waiting on his doctor to give him that precious green light, so he can make his way back to the ring. Only time will tell where he wrestles again, but odds are it won’t be in WWE.

Stories about Ryback and WWE’s issues are legendary at this point. They battled in court for years over the use of his name alone, and that doesn’t even factor in their demands to control his social media. It’s great to see Ryback is still doing his thing, despite the WWE machine who has allegedly made constant attempts to destroy his credibility.

What’s your take on WWE and Ryback’s ongoing battle? Sound off in the comments below if you think AEW would be any different!

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