Ryback and WWE do not get along. He recently claimed that he wouldn’t even take a multimillion dollar contract from the company, because he doesn’t trust them. There was a hard legal battle over his name for years, and now he is waiting for his in-ring return to come, but it won’t be for WWE.

In recent news, Ryback has claimed that WWE doesn’t want him working for another televised company. That being said, WWE has apparently done whatever they could to make sure his name and likeness doesn’t get any exposure from them.

During a recent live stream, Ryback said that WWE sent down a ban on using his name and likeness. He said they just recently showed him with John Cena, but it was a blip on their Instagram stories, and it was incredibly easy to miss the Big Guy, which is quite a feat considering his side.

Ryback said that fans still let him know that WWE has used his likeness. Then the Big Guy laughed as he said that he tags himself and his line of nutrition products as well.


“I don’t know if you guys noticed, but WWE, on Instagram, because there was a period where they were not to talk about me … with everything. They are now posting me on their Instagram with Cena. They’ve done it twice in the last week. They will tag Cena, but they will not tag me. Fans always tag me when I show up, so I go on there and I tag myself and put Feed Me More Nutrition on the page.”

WWE might not be tagging Ryback, but he certainly notices when they show him. That being said, Ryback’s face hasn’t been seen on WWE television, and it would be a huge Shell Shock if that happens.

Ryback has needed to deal with a few annoying things in recent memory. From handling stalker situation to beef with Booker T, Ryback’s life is far from boring. The whole time, WWE was making sure that he stayed off their social media feed and television airwaves.

Ryback claims that any story about him having heat backstage in WWE is a lie as well. The Big Guy said that he got along with everyone during his time there.

That controversy won’t stop Ryback from speaking his mind, like when he came down on one of WWE’s SummerSlam sponsors, or when he fat-shamed Paul Heyman in brutal fashion. In the end, The Big Guy will keep doing his thing as he asks everyone to feed him more.

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