The pro wrestling business is a lot of things, but it is a business first and foremost. Some of that business was exposed a bit during the new Netflix series based on OVW.

Wrestlers has debuted on Netflix, focusing on OVW, and cameras were allowed everywhere. Those cameras even captured some backstage talk that most wouldn’t want out there.

In a particular episode, Al Snow and Matt Jones engage in a conversation about booking James Storm for a show. During the discussion, it becomes apparent that Storm is requesting a fee of $600. There is a debate about whether he is worth the fee, given concerns that he may not attract an audience of 60 people.

In reaction to the discussion surrounding his booking fee, James Storm defended himself and explained his rationale. He did so with a post on X in reply to a video clip from the new Netflix series.


“Well as wrestlers and fans know not many shows run on a Thursday. Al called and asked me if I would help out and help some of the talent. Travel and hotel paid + filming Netflix and only 2 1/2 hrs from my house, not bad. Plus I don’t really need the money, but if you can make a little, get in some reps, help people and get an ACTORS credit that I got. Win win. I got to help and work with some good friends. Now the other guy doesn’t know a wrist lock from a wrist watch.”

The caption for the post that James Storm replied to said, “Not only did this OVW documentary expose James Storm’s booking fee, but also completely shit on him as an even minimal drawing card. Harsh.” They might have a different story after The Cowboy responded.

Ringside News exclusively reported in 2020 that a tenured member of the creative team informed us that James Storm was brought in as “enhancement talent” at the request of Paul Heyman, who was actively seeking skilled enhancement performers. The primary purpose of Storm’s initial hiring was to fulfill this role, but it was emphasized that this designation didn’t preclude the possibility of him advancing within WWE. He was initially chosen due to his reputation as a “credible worker capable of functioning as enhancement talent.”

Sadly, the pandemic took over the world, and James Storm was never signed to WWE. That makes us wonder what could have been in so many ways, as 2020 seems so much longer than three years ago at this point.

We will continue monitoring this story, and everything else in the pro wrestling world, right here at Ringside News. As always, keep checking back for constant updates!

What’s your take on James Storm’s acting price? Do you believe he would draw more than 60 fans? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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