Matt Riddle made headlines in big way this morning after he unloaded about his experience at JFK airport. The Original Bro had a lot to say, but new information about the situation is coming out the next day.

After that JFK situation, Matt Riddle accused airport security of sexually assaulting him. He later logged onto Instgram and deleted that post, but he kept one up about how he will never travel through JFK again.

Ringside News received word from an officer who was at the scene, and we heard another side of the story. We were told that multiple attempts were made to de-escalate the situation with Matt Riddle before things got physical. It was also told to us that Matt Riddle appeared to be “heavily intoxicated” at the time.

We were also told that officers showed up after Matt Riddle was “acting disruptive.” This took place between flights as he made his way home from India for WWE’s Superstar Spectacle.


Matt was acting disruptive between his transfer of flights when we received the complaint call.

Matt Riddle also allegedly tried to use his status as a WWE Superstar to get some leeway. That didn’t work out, and he did not have a good experience at JFK airport at all.

Matt Riddle had to miss a lot of time from WWE last year because he went to rehab. The Original Bro has returned to WWE programming, and he’s currently in a storyline with Drew McIntyre on WWE RAW.

We will continue to keep our eye on this ongoing story. An official report is not available yet, but it is expected soon. Since Matt Riddle is a celebrity, it is expected that we will see that quicker than usual. As of this writing, Matt Riddle has not responded to this new information about his airport nightmare.

What’s your take on this whole Matt Riddle situation? Should WWE do anything about this? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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