Tiffany Stratton has undergone a character evolution during her time in the promotion. Initially introduced as the “Daddy’s Little Rich Girl,” her persona has evolved into that of a bratty mean girl. In a recent appearance on Booker T’s Hall of Fame podcast, Stratton discussed how much of her real personality is reflected in her current character.

According to Stratton, when she first debuted as the “Daddy’s Little Rich Girl,” the character wasn’t an accurate reflection of her true self. However, over time, the character has been developed to align more closely with her real-life personality, albeit turned up a few notches.

Stratton shared that she has drawn inspiration from various sources to shape her character, including iconic mean girl characters like Sharpay Evans from High School Musical and the fashion-forward Paris Hilton.

“When I first debuted as Daddy’s Little Rich Girl, my character wasn’t really me. Slowly, we have developed my character into my real life personality, just turned up a couple of notches. I’ve definitely drawn inspiration from Sharpay Evans from High School Musical and, I love Paris Hilton, I love the fashion, she’s literally a living legend, an icon, any mean girl character I draw inspiration from.”


Stratton’s character development has been well-received by fans, and she has achieved significant success in a relatively short time in NXT. One of her notable accomplishments is capturing the NXT Women’s Championship.

Stratton is now set to defend her championship against the formidable Becky Lynch on an upcoming episode of NXT, promising an exciting showdown between the two talented competitors.

What are your thoughts on Tiffany Stratton’s character development, and how do you think it will impact her upcoming match against Becky Lynch? Leave us a comment below.

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