WWE Superstar Sheamus found himself in a humorous exchange recently when confronted with accusations of being a Swiftie, a devoted fan of Taylor Swift.

The revelation came during an episode of Celtic Warrior Workouts, hosted by Cathy Kelley, where Sheamus tried to shake off the claim and deny any connection to Taylor Swift’s music. However, fans were quick to remember and present evidence to the contrary.

In a playful twist, Sheamus was caught in the act as footage from a recent Eras Tour concert surfaced, showing him in attendance with fellow WWE Superstars Miro and CJ Perry. The footage made it clear that Sheamus had indeed enjoyed a Taylor Swift concert.

Even his Brawling Brutes stablemate Ridge Holland couldn’t resist poking fun, asking Sheamus if he loved Taylor Swift as much as he did in a tweet.


“Do you love Taylor swift as much as I do?” #sheamus #swifty

Despite the playful denial, it’s evident that Sheamus has an appreciation for Taylor Swift’s music, and perhaps it’s time for him to embrace his inner Swiftie. After all, being a fan of both fight nights and pop music is nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s okay to have diverse interests.

Do you think Sheamus should fully embrace his inner Swiftie, or should he continue to keep his love for Taylor Swift’s music on the down-low? Leave us a comment.

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