Booker T has spent decades in the pro wrestling business, but some fans still don’t have his name right. Now, he is speaking out to make sure people know what his name really is.

Booker T set the record straight about his true legal name. Although a few stories are going around, the man himself made sure that fans knew what his real legal name is.

During his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T was finally able to let everyone know the truth.

“Booker T mentioned on his podcast today that his real name is NOT Robert Booker Tio Huffman like the internet would have you believe.”


“According to the master of the spinaroonie, his real name is Booker T Huffman Jr.”

We will have to see what kind of headlines Booker T makes in the future. If anything, he is beloved in WWE, and it seems that he is really enjoying his time in NXT as well. That being said, contract talks could be up soon.

Booker T had quite a career, and the internet can have their way of doing their thing with misinformation. At least Booker T was able to let people know what the truth is.

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Felix Upton

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