Zelina Vega has a nice following on Twitch along with her fans from WWE. That was a problem for WWE when they banned third party platforms, but she kept streaming anyway, and that resulted in her release.

Zelina Vega was brought back to WWE some time later, and she had a clause in her contract that allowed her to stream on Twitch. Now, WWE and Twitch have worked out deal that will allow other Superstars to do the same.

While speaking to Wrestling News, Zelina Vega went into her love of Twitch and how the relationship between herself, WWE, and Twitch has grown. After all, there was a time when things were not great in that situation.

“It was something I was so reluctant to do for the longest time. Saraya was trying so hard to get me into it, ‘you’d be perfect for it, you play video games anyway, you might as well do it on Twitch and have other like-minded people to talk to and play with.’ ‘Nah, it’s my space and I like to play video games alone.’ She’s like, ‘You’re going to like it. If you get past the set-up part, you’re going to love it.’ After suffering through that, she was right, and she usually is because she knows me so well.”


Zelina Vega also noted that it was great to be in a place with like-minded people who shared similar interests. She has her share of niche interests, and that brought her a lot of fans that might not even tune into WWE on a weekly basis.

“It grew into this massive thing. I’m so big on being authentic, if you’re authentic, people are going to recognize that. You can’t just stick anybody in my position with a kitty headset and say, ‘blah blah blah about this episode’ and they have no idea what they’re talking about, because they’ll see right through that. That was one of the major things that I told WWE initially. ‘I didn’t know this was going to blow up as much as it did, but I feel there is an audience that we’re missing here,’ especially with everything going digital now, this is where the kids are and where we’re going to get them. There is a way to blend the worlds.”

“Once they kind of figured out what I meant by that, that’s really what was missing, the communication there, once we talked it out and figured out, ‘this is how we can work together,’ that’s why I’m back and why I’m back on Twitch and everything worked out. It’s crazy how a conversation can change a lot of things. I find it funny that it took so much, and now it’s become something like me and Xavier Woods just presented an award at the Streamy’s. She goes from 2020 that was kind of a hard time, to now. It’s crazy to see how it’s evolved.”

Zelina Vega’s career in WWE has certainly come a long way. She was once alongside Andrade as his manager, and she thrived in that spot. After that partnership ended, she went through a bit of an unsure time, that even included her release. Now, as a member of the LWO, Zelina Vega seems to be going strong again.

Ringside News exclusively reported that Zelina Vega hasn’t been forgotten about at all. She is still a featured part of the LWO. Her singles pursuits might have to wait as the company focused on other things, but she will keep working for that time to come again.

What’s your take on Zelina Vega holding down a WWE career and Twitch streaming? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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