Becky Lynch is set to show up in NXT next week, and that might start an interesting run for her as Women’s Champion. Of course, Tiffany Stratton has something to say about that, and she doesn’t want her reign to end so soon.

Tiffany Stratton captured a lot of attention, and she eventually gained her spot as NXT Women’s Champion. Now, Stratton is open for challengers, but she wasn’t happy about who showed up on the big screen during NXT this week when Becky Lynch popped up.

During WWE The Bump this week, Tiffany Stratton had a few things to say about Becky Lynch. She concluded her time on the show by saying that she will “see you next Tuesday.”

“All I have to say is I’ll see you next Tuesday, Becky, tootles.”


Of course, if you’re up on Internet lingo, “C U Next Tuesday,” is now an inventive way of calling someone the C-word. Although Tiffany Stratton didn’t outright call The Man that word, it was certainly alluded to.

Becky Lynch was rumored to take a trip to NXT. She also made it clear that she’s never won the NXT Women’s Title, but that is something she might want to fix. Only time will tell how things go next Tuesday.

What’s your take on Tiffany Stratton and Becky Lynch’s little feud? Will Becky Lynch win the NXT Women’s Title? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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